How to Caulk a Bathtub or a Shower

How to Caulk a Bathtub or a Shower

Caulking a bathroom or a shower is one of the most important ways to maintain it as good as new. While it is true that you can easily do that by using a caulking gun and a well chosen tube of caulk, you still need to know the proper way of doing it. It is important that you prepare the working surface in the right manner as otherwise the caulk is not going to last long. Moreover, if you do a sloppy work out of your caulking efforts, it is going to technically ruin even the look and feel of your tiles. Laticrete LATASIL Silicone Caulk & Sealant


So if you are wondering about how to caulk a bathtub or a shower, then you must read the following.


Things you will need for the caulking project


A good way to go about the caulking job is to remove the old caulk first. You can then prepare the surface so that the new caulk last a long time. It takes around four hours to re-caulk your shower or bathtub including the time taken for it to set up. To do the task, you are going to need some single-edge razor blades as well as a razor scraper. The other tools that you must have include mineral spirits, caulk remover, a utility knife, paper towels, a caulk gun, as well as a bath and kitchen caulk. If you want, you can also get an oscillating tool equipped with flexible scraper blade as this can increase the speed of the actual process of getting rid of the old caulk.


Getting the best caulk and the caulk gun


You should keep in mind that bathtubs and showers typically need a special type of caulk containing mildew and mold prevention additives. Typically these caulks are 100% silicone, although in some cases you can even find latex caulks as well. It is important for you to note that among the two, latex is more user friendly and can be cleaned up conveniently with water and soap. In case you are doing the caulking job for the first time, you should definitely opt for latex as it can be easier to manage. On the other hand, if you have got some experience in working with silicone, then it can be a better option for you. Although silicone caulk is challenging to work with and need mineral spirits for cleaning, silicone offers a truly lasting performance and also remains flexible.   

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