How to Install a Towel Bar on Tile

How to Install a Towel Bar on Tile?

Are you finding it tricky to complete the bathroom or kitchen spaces after the wall tiles and light fixtures? Well, many other features and accessories add to the utility of these spaces. When you refurbish your bathroom, it is only complete if it has all the accessories and fixtures. There is much to add to the walls and tile areas – lights, wall sconces, shower caddy, storage, shelves, and towel bar. Installing a towel bar on tile can appear tricky – not anymore. 

Let’s start the step-by-step process of how to install a towel bar on a tile.

These instruction apply only to TileWare’s patented system for installing their products using thinset as opposed to drilling holes which would be the case for other towel bars such as those purchased from Home Depot or Lowes. This blog appears to suggest that these instructions can be used for any towel bar installed on a tiled wall.

Step 1: Unpack the TileWare Promessa™ Series 18″ Towel Bar Kit and ensure that you have all the parts in place.

Step 2: Open the prepacked plastic thumb screws and never remove them as it helps in the thin-set mortar from flowing in the threads and leading to rust.

Step 3: Each fastener comes with a stabilizing bracket that keeps the towel bar in place. When mounting the bar on the wall, this bracket ensures that it affixes to the exact location.

Step 4: Now since it is a tiled wall, apply thin-set mortar with no less than ¼ “x 3/8” notch trowel.

Step 5: Install notched tiles with the thin-mortar on the backside for proper adhesion and fix. Firmly press the tile into the wall for proper adjustment. 

Step 6: Remount the stabilizers and do not leave the grip until the thin-set mortar cures as per the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Step 7: Use the 3/16” screwdriver towel rod for inserting the towel rod designated holes. 

Step 8: Start the mounting from the right side. Remove the plastic thumb screws and stabilizers after grouting to mount the sleeves.

Step 9: Slip the sleeve over the threaded stud and insert the 8-32 stainless steel screw to attach.

Step 10: Use a #2 Philips head screwdriver to secure the screws to the tile wall. Let’s move to the left sleeve.

Step 11: Start inserting the towel rod into the left sleeve. Ensure that the screw is in place before mounting the rod. 

Step 12: Now slip the sleeve onto the towel rod and slip both sides together over the threaded stud.

Step 13: Use #2 Philips head screwdriver to affix the screws and ensure that the sleeves are firm onto the tile wall.

Step 14: Attach the caps by threading them on the top of the sleeve. The caps are anti-rotation. So, use the predrilled 1/4“hole on the towel rod and start threading.

Step 15: Recheck all the parts and ensure that all the parts are in place. The installation is complete.

Utility of towel bar on the tile wall

  • The stylish brass design is ideal for shower towels, bathrobes, bathmats, and drying clothes. 
  • The solid brass comes with a premium finish that is corrosion free so that it ensures durability. 
  • The towel bars are strong and come with a five-year manufactures warranty. 
  • The designs are under TileWare patent, and hiring tile professionals is a smart decision.
  • The towel bar has mortar-based fastening technology.
  • The complete kit includes all the parts like wall braces, screws, and any component for the towel bar installation.
  • The size of the standard towel bar is 18 ¾” x ¾” x 3”.
  • No drilling or damage to the hole will happen when you want to install this towel bar on the tile wall. 


You can choose to hire a professional to get the towel bar installation. But, if you have little expertise in drills and measurements, you can always refer to this guidance and go for a DIY. These towel bars are perfect for bathrooms, kitchen organizing, pantry, and other workstations that require towel hanging or apron spaces. 

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