Laticrete FLOOR Warming Heat Kit / 120V (Includes Floor Warming Mat; 1 Thermostat; 1 Wire Eye)

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All the Floor Warming components you need for under tile and stone installations packed conveniently in one box.

Floor HEAT Mat, Floor Warming Thermostat, and WIRE EYE in one box.

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The Laticrete Floor Warming Kit contains all the components needed for an in-floor, under tile, electric heating system packed in one convenient box. The kit includes a Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat, a Laticrete Floor Heat Mat, and a Laticrete Wire Eye fault detector and is available in five of the most popular sizes. The Laticrete Floor Warming Kit is easy to install and the Laticrete Floor Heat Mat is constructed from low-profile wire so it is not detectable beneath stone and tile installations. The Laticrete Floor Heat Mat has a self-adhesive backing that adheres to the substrate thereby saving installation time when compared to systems that need to be mechanically fastened to the substrate.


The Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat is conveniently designed with programmable temperature settings and a very intuitive to understand key panel. The Laticrete thermostat features advanced floor heat controls thereby maximizing energy savings and comfort.


The Laticrete Floor Warming Kit also includes a Laticrete Wire Eye Electric Fault Detector, convenient device that will indicate a disruption in the Laticrete heat mat’s electrical circuit prior to installation of tile. The easy-to-use Wire Eye fault detector eliminates the need to take up tile after installation to fix a circuitry disruption that occurs during the installation of the mat and tile.


Laticrete flooring warming products offer an excellent opportunity for the contractor to up sale a tile installation. The comfort offered by Laticrete floor warming products is a desired luxury in most parts of the country as anyone who has stepped barefoot on cold bathroom tile in the morning can appreciate.


Laticrete floor warming products are eligible for Laticrete 25 Year and Lifetime System Warranties. Laticrete floor warming products should be installed using a high quality modified thinset mortar such as Laticrete Platinum 254 and Laticrete SURE SET. Warranty will be voided if the Laticrete Floor Heat mat is not connected to the electrical supply by a licensed electrician. The Laticrete Floor Heat mat should only be installed in dry, interior locations and not in showers or other wet areas. Under no circumstances should the Laticrete Floor Heat mat be installed using staples and the thinset should be completely cured before the system is turned on.

  • Convenient all-in-a-box packaging
  • Eligible for the LATICRETE 25 Year System Warranty and LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty
  • Self-adhesive mesh backing for easy installation
  • Durable intertwined heating element and mesh construction
  • Suitable substrates include (interior, dry areas only): Concrete; Mortar Beds; Exterior Glue Plywood*; Existing Ceramic Tile and Stone; Cement Terrazzo; Cement Backer Board
  • Software tool available for design and layout plan assistance
  • UL Approved

1 review for Laticrete FLOOR Warming Heat Kit / 120V (Includes Floor Warming Mat; 1 Thermostat; 1 Wire Eye)

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    It is very easy to use. This thermostat is very economical, and works perfectly.

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