TileWare Boundless™ Series 9 Inch Corner Shelf With Tee Hook (Traditional)


Seamless beauty with superior functionality – BOUNDLESS – perfect for any shower design! Available in Dove Grey and White finishes! 

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Item No.: T500DVG-B22-BN

attribute_pa_color_finish: dove-grey-brushed-nickel

Item No.: T500WHT-B22-BG

attribute_pa_color_finish: white-brushed-gold

Item No.: T500DVG-B22-BG

attribute_pa_color_finish: dove-grey-brushed-gold

Item No.: T500DVG-B22-ORB

attribute_pa_color_finish: dove-grey-oil-rubbed-bronze-hook

Item No.: T500DVG-B22-PC

attribute_pa_color_finish: dove-grey-polished-chrome-hook

Item No.: T500WHT-B22-BN

attribute_pa_color_finish: white-brushed-nickel

Item No.: T500WHT-B22-ORB

attribute_pa_color_finish: white-oil-rubbed-bronze-hook

Item No.: T500WHT-B22-PC

attribute_pa_color_finish: white-polished-chrome-hook

Boundless™ corner shelves are available in four unique configurations: 6 inch corner shelf, 9 inch corner shelf, rectangular corner shelf and l-shaped corner shelf. These unique shelves for tile showers are optionally equipped with integrated tile shower hooks… TEE HOOKS. 

  • Contemporary Tee Hook Finish – Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Available in Dove Grey and White finishes!
  • Made in the USA
  • Acrylic solid surface is water
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Providing an impervious surface that can be cleaned and disinfected easily
  • Installation is easy and efficient


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