What Kind of Adhesive to Use On Shower Tile

What Kind of Adhesive to Use On Shower Tile

When you are looking to set up shower tiles in your home, you need to consider a number of things one of which is of course the adhesive that you must use with these shower tiles. While a wide range of adhesives can be found on the market, the best adhesive to use on shower tile is going to depend on a number of factors. For instance, the porcelain tiles and man-made ceramic tiles may require a different type of adhesive than what is needed for marble and travertine. There can also be special circumstances for which you may need a range of other adhesives that can work out well for you.

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Man-made Tiles

There are mainly two different types of adhesives that can be applied for man-made tiles like porcelain and ceramic. The Latex-modified thinset mortar adhesives can be described as ideal for tiles that are larger than 12 inches. Mastic adhesive can be used for installations with tiles less than 12 inches in size. The thinset mortar adhesives can be found in numerous types and you need to choose them based on whether you want to work with large-bodied tiles or regular sized tiles of 8 or 12 inches.   

Dark Natural Stone

The dark natural stones like blue stone, slate, granite and dark marble can be applied with any kind of latex-modified thinset mortar adhesive. When you want to install smaller stone tiles that are less than 12 inches, it is always a good idea to work with mastic adhesive. However, in most cases experts suggest to work with gray latex-modified thinset mortar especially while setting up natural stone tiles. You can also use specialty marble and granite thinset.

Light Natural Stone

The light natural stones like cream marble, travertine and light granite as well as similar other stones can be applied by using a specialty thinset mortar that is known as the granite and marble thinset. This marble and granite thinset works in a way that is similar to regular thinset that is used with the regular tiles. However, the marble and granite thinset is white and not gray. This helps to avoid the bleeding of the thinset color through into natural stone. This granite and marble thinset is specially blended for managing the extra weight commonly ascribed to natural stones.

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