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Why Should You Use Laticrete SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout?

If you have used the Laticrete SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout before, you have every reason to try their Premium Grout. The Laticrete Grout is an incredible improvement on the grout technology that is known across the construction industry for its uniform color, color accuracy and ultimate stain resistivity protection.

For those of you who haven’t used a Laticrete tiling product yet, you need to start with the SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout. The SPECTRALOCK Grout is the easiest to use as well as highest performing grout you will find in the market right now. That and for other reasons to use this product, read on.

Incredible Color Accuracy

You must have seen Laticrete claiming this in their advertisements of the Pro Premium Grout, but the product truly is color accurate. Formulated with the non-pigmented formula, this grout easily meets the highest color standard of accuracy. No matter how much you expose it to wear and tear, the grout will not let go of the color.

Unmatched Color Uniformity

The second reason you want to use this incredible grout is color uniformity which is practically the highest right now. Made with cross linking formula, this grout is unaffected by uneven drying, regular washing and blotchy mixing and such. You will never see things like spotting, shading and lack of uniform coloring with this grout.  

Maximum Durability

When mixed in right proportions and applied according to instructions, this grout transforms into a dense sealant that remains indifferent to the various agents of wear and tear. Hence, the elements that weaken mortar-based grouts can do nothing to this tough grout. Crumbling, peeling, dusting and such problems are unheard of with the SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Unlike most grouts, the SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium has an anti-bacterial formula that prevents the development of mold. Even in presence of mildew, the grout stops the bodies that permeate through and make infestations. You can clean the tiling surface with pH neutral cleaning agents and that will keep the area free of molds just like that.

Counter Gravity Performance

If you are planning to buy epoxy grout, then you must give the SPECTRALOCK Grout a shot for its anti-gravity performance. Even on walls, this product does not sag. That makes it a perfect product for vertical applications.


Most grouts stick to the tiles making them dirty or discolored, but not the SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium. This one is made with an epoxy formula that ensures zero stains on the tiles. Because of its non-staining property, the grout makes a perfect fit for all kinds of stain-prone tiles like unglazed, polished, etc. These even work for stones like marble.

You can buy the SPECTRALOCK Grout along with other Laticrete tiling products at Tile Pro Depot. Tile Pro Depot is one of the most popular tile installation online stores selling a large variety of tiling products at incredible prices.

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