DTA Wedge Lippage Leveling System for Large Format Thin Tile (Spacers)

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Eliminate uneven tile in large format thin tile installations!

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The innovative DTA Thin Tile Lippage Leveling System is designed specifically to eliminate tile lippage when installing the currently popular style of large format, very thin tile. The DTA Thin Tile Lippage Leveling System uses a wide plastic wedge style cap that is inserted into thin tile bases and tightened with the specially designed DTA Wedge Leveling Tool. It also utilizes wedge lippage system spacers as pat of its lippage leveling system. DTA lippage spacers are an effective component of the DTA wedge lippage system. Constructed from sturdy plastic, the DTA Universal Lippage Spacers feature a curves base that enables leveling of uneven tile and hollow spaces in the base ensuring proper thinset bonding around and through the base.


DTA Universal Lippage Spacers

The DTA Universal Lippage Spacers are designed to be used with both DTA and most other non-DTA caps on the market. The extra-long straps can be used with tile up to 2.8” (70mm) in both floor and wall applications. The wider wedge style cap better stabilizes the large tile and disperses the tension needed to tighten the systems over a broader area thereby preventing damage to the thin tile. The bases are available in two configurations: Nylon Wedge Spacer suitable for tile 1.5mm-10mm (1/16”-3/8”) thick and the PP Wedge Spacer suitable for tile 4mm-12mm (5/32”-1/2”) thick.


DTA Lippage Leveling System

The DTA Lippage Leveling System is made up of DTA Caps, Universal Spacers and a DTA Lippage Leveling Gun in one convenient package. The DTA Lippage Leveling System ensures that tile edges will be flush with each other during installation. The DTA Lippage Leveling System features sturdy plastic spacer and cap components that hold the tile in place using a gear lock strap mechanism until the thinset hardens.

A floor tile leveling system is a great way to ensure that your final project meets your rigorous standards of tile installation. It is a foolproof way to eliminate lippage and differences in elevation between tile. Lippage is not only an unsightly issue that plagues some tile installation jobs, it is also dangerous. It is a trip hazard to anyone that uses the tiled floor. Adding a tile leveling system to your process may slow the job upon first use; however, the finished product is well worth the slight bit of extra effort.

  • Eliminate lippage in large format tile as thin as 1.5mm (1/16”)
  • Wedge cap system for better stabilization of large format tile
  • Wedge cap system disperses pressure on thin tile when tightening
  • Wedge Leveling tool for proper tightening of wedge cap and spacer
  • Two spacers types available to accommodate various tile thinness

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    DTA Wedge Lippage Leveling System Spacers Features Very easy to learn and use at any skill level Increase the speed of installation Gun Tensions.

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