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Best Tile Setting Materials

Tile Pro Depot does not try to be “all things to all people”. Instead, we carefully research the many tile installation tools and tile setting materials available and select only the tile setting tools and equipment that have been thoroughly field tested and have solid performance records. Often these tile installation products offer innovative labor-saving solutions and other benefits that will make your job easier, create “upsell” opportunities and increase your bottom line. Our tile installation product selection process also allows us to provide the in-depth information and support you expect before, during, and after your purchase of all the products we sell.

Tile Installation Tools for Professional Installers

Tile installation requires basic skills in cutting and lying tiles evenly across any surface by using some tools and following the installation steps. Professional installers follow the appropriate sequence of actions and use their proficiency in handling various tools to install tiles perfectly with an eye on aesthetics. 

A few simple tools like tile cutters, trowels, mixers, and leveling systems are essential to do the installation.

Tile cutter

 The tile cutter is helpful for cutting glazed tiles and consists of a rectangular platform with a frame along which the cutter wheel moves. The padded platform has a fence at the head of the tool to hold the workspace squarely. The cutting wheel is mounted on a lever mechanism to apply the required pressure essential for cutting. The wheel first grazes against the tile surface, and pressure applied on the cutter snaps the tile into two pieces along the cutting line.

Wet saw

The wet saw is for cutting porcelain and stone tiles. The tool consists of a circular saw mounted on a portable frame, including a water-filled trough. To cut the tile, you must place it on the movable cutting table with an adjustable fence to facilitate the placement of the tile against the cutting blade. 

Jets of water sprayed on the cutter helps to cool the cutting surface as the cutter progresses along the tile. The wet saw is suitable for cutting thick tiles to give them some specific curved shape. Wet saws are used for large projects and cutting rigid tiles made from hard materials. 

Diamond blades

Diamond blades are the circular cutters used in wet saws, and the label specifies the type of tile it can cut. The blades and cutting edge have rigid diamond particles embedded for making various types of clean cuts.


The nippers that look like pliers are an essential tile-cutting tool used for cutting irregular or curved tiles or clipping away thin strips of the tile edges. Usually, nippers have one flat jaw that holds the glazed surface of the tile that remains flushed to it. The other jaw with a curved cutting-edge bite into the unglazed surface of the tile. Some types of nippers have jaws that can cut through the tile. Both nippers work well, and the choice depends on the installer. 

Notched trowel

Tiles are fixed to the walls or floors with the help of an adhesive paste-like substance spread evenly across the surface with the help of a notched trowel. A notched trowel has a ridged surface instead of a flat surface with a wooden handle on the back. The notch on the edge has different profiles. The notched trowel helps to create small ridges depending on the angle of holding the trowel. Some notches are triangular while others are square. The size and type of notches determine the thickness of the adhesive layer. 

Grout float

After installing the tiles, it is necessary to complete the grout. A grout float is an appropriate tool to grout though sometimes a piece of sponge can also do the job. The grout float, usually made from wood or some other rigid material looks similar to a trowel with a handle at the back and a rubber working surface. 

Paddle mixer

Although pre-mixed grout and thin-set are available, sometimes these come in powder form and need mixing with water to form a paste. Paddle mixers are like heavy-duty drills but have two hand grips to help handle the heavy mixing load of large batches. 

Tile leveling system

A tile leveling system is a tool that helps maintain a uniform height of the tiles during installation. Although professional installers can perform the task using straight edges, the tile leveling system is more useful for DIY enthusiasts. 

Best Tile Installation Tools and Products

These products include Laticrete Hydro Ban Liquid Waterproofing MembraneMLT Lippage Leveling SystemRTC Diamond Hole 7 Pc KitStoneTech Bulletproof SealerBlanke PERMAT Heavy Duty Uncoupling MatLaticrete 9235 Waterproofing Membrane KitPrimo Back Butter BuddyDTA Wedge Lippage Leveling System for Large Thin TileFila CR10 Epoxy Grout Haze RemoverHydra Tile Grout Sponge.

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