Methods to Waterproof Flooring

Installing a perfect tile floor is hard work, so you’re going to want to ensure it’s properly waterproofed. Effectively waterproofing the floor will preserve your handiwork and allow the floor to last for many years with proper maintenance. When it comes to floor waterproofing, there are a handful of different approaches you can take to […]

How to Clean Tiles and Grout

Tile is often installed in high traffic areas, like bathrooms and kitchens, so it will require regular cleaning. However, regular mopping and standard tile and grout cleaners often don’t do the trick. When dirt and grime settle deep into tile and grout over time, it can lead to lackluster and dull looking tiles, as well […]

The Advantages of Using a Tile Lippage Leveling System

Utilizing a floor tile leveling system when installing a tile floor is a foolproof way to ensure your final product is installed appropriately. A tile leveling system guarantees that the tile is set without any lippage – meaning there will not be any differences in elevation between the edges of each piece of adjacent tile. […]

Tips for Tiling a Floor with Tile Underlayment Membrane Tips for Tiling a Floor with Tile Underlayment Membrane

Installing tile over a full-mud floor is a rarity these days. It’s expensive, time consuming, and quite frankly out of date. The most common tile installation method nowadays involves setting tile over concrete backerboard or a plywood underlayment with thinset, however this method can have several drawbacks. If the floor system moves, you could be […]

Concrete Vapor Barriers Concrete Vapor Barrier

Minimize Moisture Barriers with Concrete Vapor Barriers As a contractor, you’ve most likely been asked to install tile over a variety of surfaces. A common surface that can sometimes present installation issues is concrete, however it can absolutely be done. One of the most common issues many tile installers face when laying tile over concrete […]

Round vs. Square Shower Drains

When selecting a drain for a shower, you’re no longer limited to just function. As shower installation techniques and styles have developed over time, so has the ability to choose a drain that not only does the job, but looks great doing it. When discussing shower drain options with your client, you’ll most likely present […]

The Difference Between Uncoupling Mats and Backer Board

For many centuries, tile has been installed on reinforced mortar beds that have been free to move independent of the subfloor. This was done with a weakly bonded plane situated between the reinforced mortar bed and the subfloor. If the subfloor moves and cracks, it won’t be spread to the underlayment or through to the […]

What Type of Thinset Should You Use for Porcelain Tile What Type of Thinset Should You Use for Porcelain Tile?

When installing tile, there are a variety of bonding agents that can be used. Whether it be thinset, mastic, or epoxy, there are a number of options to consider, each with their own pros and cons. However, when it comes to certain types of tile, it’s important to use to appropriate bonding agent, otherwise you […]