How to waterproof a shower floor before tiling How to waterproof a shower floor before tiling?

In general, a bathroom floor should be waterproofed before tiling. And when it comes to the shower floor, waterproofing goes without saying. Using a waterproof membrane and sealing the joints of the waterproof membrane are some of the ideal ways to protect the substrate from water and moisture. Also, it is imperative to seal the […]

Best Tile Underlayment Options The Best Tile Underlayment Options and How to Use Them

A tile floor consists of three layers -the subfloor, the underlayment, and the surface tile. Tile underlayment is crucial to prevent cracks on the slab that can transfer to tiles you have just installed.  Why should you consider underlayment options for floor tiles? To provide more rigidity for a tile installation. To prevent subfloor cracks […]

How to caulk like a pro How to caulk like a pro – Tips for better results

You must have seen caulk being used along the cracks and crevices. Gaps around windows, doors, air ducts, plumbing pipes, kitchen, and bathroom, the options are just endless where caulk can be effectively used. One of the main objectives of caulking is to keep at bay messy and damaging agents that can play havoc with […]

Tile Cutter vs Wet Saw Tile Cutter vs Wet Saw: Which Is Best for Your Project?

Explore the features of wet saw and tile cutter to make a smart choice Are you considering revamping your bathroom tiles and looking for suitable cutters? Well, there are two top options: tile cutter and wet saw. To make a smart choice, it is essential to understand that each tool has specific qualities and is […]

How to Install a Linear Shower Drain How to Install a Linear Shower Drain?

Bath or shower is always a debatable choice. However, with the awareness of water conservation and time constraints, people are switching to quick showers. Walk-in showers are a great way of feeling fresh after a long tiring day at work. The shower takes less space, so it becomes easy to maintain. But if you are […]

How to Install a Towel Bar on Tile How to Install a Towel Bar on Tile?

Are you finding it tricky to complete the bathroom or kitchen spaces after the wall tiles and light fixtures? Well, many other features and accessories add to the utility of these spaces. When you refurbish your bathroom, it is only complete if it has all the accessories and fixtures. There is much to add to […]

Best Way to Waterproof Shower Stall Before Laying Tile Best Way to Waterproof Shower Stall Before Laying Tile

Be smart – get the waterproofing membrane done before the tiling. Building a great shower is a skill, and you must have the expertise in plumbing to carry out this with perfection. Shower walls require proper plumbing, squaring, and good waterproofing for lasting use. Avoid using drywall or green showers. Rather opt for the substrate […]

Mortar or Adhesive For Shower Wall Tile Mortar or Adhesive For Shower Wall Tile

What is the best choice for shower wall tile – mortar or adhesive? Are you confused in deciding between mortar or adhesive for shower wall tile? Well, cement mortar is the conventional mix popular in attaching tiles to the drywall and floorings in wet areas. However, with the advancement of the building process, many other options […]