Laticrete Latasil Silicone Sealant (5 GAL)


LATASIL sealant is a high performance, one component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed for ceramic tile & stone applications.

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LATASIL sealant is a high-performance, one-component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed for ceramic tile & stone applications. As a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, Laticrete has introduced Latasil silicone sealant, a top-class and high-performing 100 percent silicone sealant uniquely designed to be used in coves and corners, in planes, and expansion joints for ceramic tile and stone applications both on the exterior and interior. Laticrete Latasil silicone sealant can be used in fountains, water features, and other wet or damp area applications. The company adheres to ASTM C 920 and ASTM C 794 adhesion properties and prevents the growth of mold and mildew in sealant joints with antimicrobial product protection.


Some of the outstanding features and benefits of Latasil silicone sealant are:


  • The sealant can be used in exteriors as well as interiors.
  • They can be used in Suitable for use in swimming pools and other wet area applications.
  • They can be used to repair Repair joints for ceramic tile and stone applications.
  • The product conforms Conforms to ASTM C-794.
  • They can be used Use in expansion joints in residential and commercial applications.
  • The adhesion properties of the sealant are equipped to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • The sealant is resistant to pool chemicals.
  • They are easy Easy to smooth and tool.
  • They are excellent Excellent for masonry construction.
  • The sealant can be used where ceramic tile abuts glass and window framing.


Laticrete is known to cater to customer requirements for high-quality silicone sealants that offer guaranteed adhesion, strength, and flexibility for several years, that too with low or no maintenance with low or no maintenance. They are Laticrete Latasil silicone sealant is engineered for optimum performance, and are and is equipped to prevent staining, mold, and mildew growth, and are.  Latasil is suitable for exterior as well as interior applications.


Tile Pro Depot now offers Laticrete Latasil silicone sealant for sale in their online tile and stone installation products store. Available in a myriad of colors and finishes, Laticrete Latasil silicone sealants are priced at $426.18 per cartridge $20.20 per cartridge. Before purchasing silicone sealants as per your requirement, you can check out the features, the benefits, and the technical data associated with the same. And as for the ways of using and applying the sealants are concerned, there are comprehensive how-to videos on the site that let you learn and understand the application processes and procedures.


Simple to use and apply, Laticrete Latasil silicone sealants are the most reliable and easy-to-use DIY solutions for your interiors and exteriors that come with a year-long warranty. So, if you’re on the lookout for such sealants, visit our online store and get the silicone sealant of your choice today!

  • Conforms to the following properties under ASTM C–920:Type S
  • Grade NS
  • Class 25
  • Use NT
  • Use I
  • Use M
  • Use G
  • Conforms to ASTM C-794 Adhesion Properties
  • Equipped with anti-microbial technology to protect the treated article
  • Resistant to pool chemicals
  • Matches all 40 LATICRETE® grout colors as well as clear
  • Easy to smooth and tool
  • Excellent for masonry construction
  • Excellent movement capacity—25% extension & compression
  • Can be used where ceramic tile abuts glass and window framing
  • Compliments LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive system (see section 10. FILING SYSTEMS)

LATASIL sealant is a high performance, one component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed for ceramic tile & stone applications.

  • Packaging Sizes:
    • 4.5 GALLON (18.1KG) PAIL
    • 5 GAL (20L) 5 x Carton
    • 8 oz bottle (17L) 5XCARTON
    • 10.3 OZ (6 X 305ML) 6XCARTON
    • 6X10.3OZ/305ML (305ML) EA
  • Available Colors: 41


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