Primo Professional Tile Cutter Big Red


This amazing professional grade tile cutter can cut porcelain & granite up to ¾” thick!

1 unit/pack

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Item No.: TC24SB

attribute_pa_size: 24-diagonal-cuts-up-to-16-includes-angle-guide

Item No.: TC30SB

attribute_pa_size: 30-diagonal-cuts-up-to-20-includes-angle-guide

Item No.: TC35SB

attribute_pa_size: 35-diagonal-cuts-up-to-24-includes-angle-guide

Item No.: TC40SB

attribute_pa_size: 40-diagonal-cuts-up-to-28-includes-angle-guide-handle-wheels

Item No.: TC53SB

attribute_pa_size: 53-diagonal-cuts-up-to-37-includes-angle-guide-handle-wheels

Item No.: TCSBRB

attribute_pa_size: replacement-wheel-for-all-single-bar-cutters

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The heavy duty Big Red is a professional grade tile cutter designed to make the most demanding cuts including double loaded tile, porcelain and granite up to ¾” total thickness. Big Red is constructed with ball bearings in the cutter head and a heavy duty single bar for maximum precision and durability. Big Red can cut tile at angles between -45 to +45 degrees and is available in sizes from 24” to 53” for diagonal cuts up to 37”.

  • Cuts double loaded porcelain, granite and other stones up to ¾” thick
  • Heavy duty single bar with ball bearing in cutter head for maximum durability & precision
  • Spring loaded table makes breaking material easy and clean
  • Swivel gauge allows angle cuts between -45 and +45 degrees
  • Two size breaker bars for multiple cutting widths
  • Full range of replacement parts availble
  • Available in lengths from 24” to 53” for diagonal cuts up to 37”


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