Primo WringMaster Grout Sponge Cleaner


Take the “chore” out of cleaning grout sponges with the innovative WringMaster cleaning system!

1 WringMaster Complete (includes bucket attachment; sponge w/aluminum backer & handle; 3 replacement sponges) / carton

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The WringMaster was invented by a contractor to more quickly, thoroughly and easily clean and rinse sponges. Simply attached the WringMaster to the top of a bucket and effortlessly run the sponge through the WringMaster with a pull and pivot motion to clean and remove excess water. The WringMaster is lightweight and easy to transport and comes with three replacement sponges (aluminum backed).

  • Saves time removing excess water and cleaning sponges
  • Easy pull & pivot wringing action
  • Quickly attaches to any 3.5 and 5 gal bucket
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Replacement sponges available


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