Prodeso PROSHELL End Cap Set (L/R)


The economical solution when a sanitary cove is required!

2 pieces/pack

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Item No.: TPSHAC

attribute_pa_color_finish: polished-stainless-steel-look-coated-plastic


attribute_pa_color_finish: satin-stainless-steel-look-coated-plastic

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The PROSHELL ALL is a curved wall-to-floor transition ideal for commercial application when no ceramic sanitary cove is available or is too expensive. Constructed rust resistant anodized aluminum, the PROSHELL ALL is used to create the inside corner between walls or between wall and floor and is suitable for ensuring hygiene and easy cleaning in environments such as health care facilities, health clubs, public restrooms and other applications requiring a sanitary cove. A full range of accessories such as end caps, connectors and inside, outside and three-way corner pieces are available to speed installation. The PROSHELL ALL is available in satin silver and polished silver anodized aluminum finishes.

  • Time saving alternative to ceramic sanitary coves
  • Constructed from rust resistance anodized aluminum
  • Prevents water pooling in wall/floor joints and bacteria growth
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Save time when compare to installing ceramic cove base
  • Ideal for health clubs, restrooms, health care facilities
  • Accessories available to speed installation
  • Available in satin silver and polished silver finishes


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