DTA Lippage Leveling System Caps


Use these DTA Lippage Leveling System caps with the DTA Universal Spacers to prevent tile lippage and call backs!

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Item No.: LIPCJ250B

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Item No.: LIPCJ100B

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Item No.: LIPC250B

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The DTA Lippage Leveling System ensures that tile edges will be flush with each other during installation. The DTA Lippage Leveling System features sturdy plastic spacer and cap components that hold the tile in place using a gear lock strap mechanism until the thinset hardens. The curved spacer base will even out adjacent tiles of varying thicknesses. The DTA Caps are easily tightened using the DTA Lippage Leveling Gun and can be kicked or knocked off once the thinset is hardened to be reused. Thinset cures through hollow spaces in the DTA Spacer base ensuring proper thinset coverage around the bases which are left in the installation after the caps are removed. This lippage leveling system reduces the need for standard spacers and is suitable for tile thicknesses up to 70mm in both floor and wall installations.


  • DTA Lippage Leveling System Caps can be use with DTA Spacers to eliminates tile lippage
  • Reusable caps save money
  • Sturdy molded plastic construction
  • Select larger DTA TRADE Caps for large format tile
  • Lippage gun available for fast, easy tightening of cap/strap locking mechanism
  • DTA Lippage Leveling System Caps are suitable for floor and wall applications


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