FilaNO RUST Stain Remover


Ready-to-use FilaNO RUST eliminates unsightly rust stains! 

2.5 oz can

$ 14.85

Item No.: 44250212

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FilaNO RUST Stain Remover is a non-acidic formulation that effectively removes rust stains on marble, granite, natural stone, terrazzo, porcelain tiles, terracotta and concrete surfaces. It is ideal for delicate polished marble and has a gel-like consistency that can be applied directly on the stain avoiding waste. FilaNO RUST Stain Remover acts in just a few minutes and can remove stain in just 15 minutes.

  • Removes rust stains from marble, granite, natural stone, terrazzo, porcelain tile, terracotta, and concrete
  • Non-acidic formulation
  • Ideal for delicate polished marble
  • Gel-like consistency: can be easily applied directly on the stain avoiding waste
  • Acts in just a few minutes: removes stains in just 15 minutes



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