Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner – Excellent 3-in-one heavy duty cleaner for basic cleaning of unpolished acid sensitive stones!

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The extremely easy-to use Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner is excellent for basic cleaning of concrete and unpolished acid sensitive stones and can remove water based metal or polishing wax. When diluted, Fila PS87 cleans and removes grease from dirty porcelain, ceramic tile, natural stone, terracotta, and concrete floors. When undiluted, Fila PS87 can be used to remove stubborn stains from porcelain.



The Futility of Cleaning Tile and Stone Surfaces

Home owners usually complain that after a certain period, the tiles, linoleum, or natural stone surfaces in their homes begin to look dull and even discoloured. The problem recurs in spite of daily and weekly cleaning cycles with detergent and mop. The problem is not usually with the mop being used or the lack of effort with the cleaner. The reason for the supposed ineffectiveness of this procedure is that often there is a release of chemicals, sediments, or efflorescent on such surfaces, because of which a regular cleaning regime might not work.


The Tile Pro Solution

We bring you the Fila Heavy Duty Cleaner which will be much more effective than regular detergents. Technically referred to as the Fila PS 87, this is a dependable ally for your cleaning efforts which will ensure that no stubborn stain or unsightly deposits are left unresolved. Because of its versatile use on multiple surfaces and its effective cleaning properties, the Fila Heavy Duty Cleaner has become one of our most ordered products.


Advantages of Fila PS 87 Heavy Duty Cleaner

The versatility of Fila PS 87 allows it to be used as is, and also in diluted condition. In both ways, it has specific usages and benefits. You can use Fila Heavy Duty Cleaner straight from the container without needing to dilute it if you are looking to attack stubborn stains on porcelain surfaces in your house. In case you are troubled by grease stains or other chemical residues on concrete floors or natural stone surfaces or even on ceramic and porcelain surfaces, then you can dilute Fila PS 87 to the extent of 1:10 or 1:20 and use it effectively. We recommend the use of Fila Heavy Duty Cleaner for removing stains, removing wax and also as a regular detergent. This versatility of the Fila PS 87 sets it apart from comparable products that are available.


Basic Usage Instructions

We already mentioned the diluting ratio for diluted use. Once the liquid has been used, let it stay for some time and then use a scrubbing brush to mop it off. Specifically when it is being used to remove wax, then the recommended dilution must be only 1:5. If you wish to use it directly, then do make sure that you are first pouring the pale yellow liquid directly on the specific place where the stain is.

  • 3-in-one solution: stain remover, detergent and wax remover.
  • The only product that removes stubborn stains from porcelain.
  • Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner cleans without damaging the surface.
  • Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner is extremely easy to use.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    It lefted the surface very clean removing lots of dirt. I would like to recommend Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner

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