FilaSR95 Stain Remover


Ideal for removing those tough wine, coffee and other organic stains from natural stone and porcelain!

2.5 oz can

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FilaSR95 Stain Remover penetrates deeper than any other cleaning product and is specially formulated to remove stains from natural stone surfaces such as marble, travertine and agglomerates.  The ready-to use FilaSR95 Stain Remover can be used with confidence on polished natural stone and will not damage or dull the finish. FilaSR95 Stain Remover is also ideal for removing stains from low-absorption tile such as porcelain and textured single-fired or glazed ceramic tile.

  • Ideal for removing organic stains such as wine, coffee, tea & soft drinks 
  • Penetrating stain remover deeper than any other cleaning product
  • Specially developed to remove stains from natural stone surfaces (polished & unpolished marble, agglomerates & travertine).
  •  Will not damage finish on polished natural stone not be damaged by the product.
  • Ideal for low-absorption tile surfaces such as porcelain a & glazed ceramic tile
  • Can be used on cement


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