Laticrete 3701 LATEX FORTIFIED MORTAR BED ADMIX (5 gal pail)

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Add to mortar mixes for an exceptionally strong, weather and chemical resistant mortar bed!

Pail (5 Gal)

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Item No.: 3701-0005-2

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3701 Fortified Mortar Bed Admix is formulated to provide an exceptionally strong weather resistance mortar bed when added to the Laticrete 226 Thick Bed mortar. An alternative is the 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed, a one-step polymer fortified blend of carefully selected raw materials, portland cement and graded aggregates. 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed does not require the use of latex admix; you only need to add water to produce a thick bed mortar or render with exceptional strength. Save time and money by eliminating the need for job site measuring and mixing of sand and cement to the proper ratio. 


The Unseen Participant in Tiling

You must be spending a lot of time and effort in selecting the right tile for your home, and agonizing for days on which design to go for. But for a great look and long life for your tile surfaces, whether on floors or on walls, the most important element is the admix that you use below  under the tiles. If the right latex fortified mortar is not used, the tiles would not be stable, and sooner or later would be the victim of water related issues.


The Tile Pro Solution

The Laticrete 3701 admix is an elegant solution for your mortar bed requirements. We have made it very easy to mix and prepare, so that technical expertise is not required. Our Laticrete 3701 admix has a basic mix of Portland cement and graded coarse and fine aggregates. It is also strengthened by the addition of selected polymers in the dry mix. The user needs to only use the right quantity of Laticrete 3701 mortar admix, and the mortar is ready. The product is fully compliant with industry accepted technical standards like ASTM C270 (in which it is rated Extra Heavy Service).


Highlights of the Laticrete 3701 Admix

No additional latex additives are requires required when you prepare a latex fortified mortar using the Laticrete 3701 mortar admix. Not only latex additives and polymers, but all the other raw materials are added to the premix in the perfect proportions such that there is only water that needs to be added. This saves the site team a lot of money and also saves time. The changes of wastage are less because it is available in 5 gallon pails. Apart from the convenience, the Laticrete 3701 mortar admix also provides at least two technical benefits – it has exceptional compressive strength, and it can be used to replace Type S or Type N mortar as a type of scratch or finish coat.


Some further advantages of Laticrete 3701 Admix

It is not only good for thinsets, but can also be used in cement mortar beds and cement grouts. This product is also resistant to most corrosive chemicals, electric shocks, and frost attacks. You can easily use it in locations which will be completely submerged because 3701 Mortar Admix is completely water resistant. It can be used in a variety of substrates, including brick masonry, gypsum wallboard interiors, terrazzo and many more. Another useful feature is the shelf life of five years.

  • Polymer fortified – no need for additional latex additives
  • Premixed – no job site blending of powders required
  • Economical – saves time and money
  • High strength formula
  • Exceeds ASTM C270 requirements
  • For use as a scratch or finish coat in place of Type S or Type N mortar

1 review for Laticrete 3701 LATEX FORTIFIED MORTAR BED ADMIX (5 gal pail)

  1. 5 out of 5


    It is not only good for thinsets, but can also be used in cement mortar beds and cement grouts. Easy in Use.

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