TileWare Promessa™ Series Tee Hook – Contemporary

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No drilling required! Protect your waterproofing and plumbing!

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The attractive TileWare Promessa™ Series Tee Hook for tiled showers is ideal for hanging the essentials in the shower and with it’s T-shape, is the best hook for clothing or towels. Constructed from solid brass with premium finishes that will never rust, these hooks are extraordinarily strong and come with a 5 year warranty. Designed with the TileWare patented, mortar-based fastener technology, these systems are intended to be installed exclusively by tile professionals. Tile Ware hooks are installed using thinset eliminating the need for drilling that can cause damage to tile, waterproofing and plumbing. This complete Kit includes wall brace, screws and all components needed to install hooks. Size: 1 1/16″ x 1 1/16″ x 1 1/8″


When it comes to getting a hook component for hanging clothing items and towels, there is one company that offers top grade products on a regular basis and that is TileWare. The TileWare hooks are definitely regarded as some of the best in the industry and it is easy to understand why. The stylish designs in which these products are found can work well for all modern environments. The TileWare Promessa Series Tee Hook is one such product from the house of TileWare. It is crafted specifically for the tiled showers and can definitely appeal to all buyers with a discerning taste.


The TileWare Promessa Series Tee Hook has a contemporary design and can be used for hanging all kinds of essentials when you are in the shower. The product has a T-shape and which makes it well suited for hanging towels and clothing items. The product is made from high quality solid brass material and it also has premium finishes that is going to make sure that it is never going to rust. Such features make these hooks extraordinarily robust and strong. The TileWare Promessa Series Tee Hook comes with a warranty of 5 years which speaks volumes about its quality.


The product has been designed with TileWare patented technology involving mortar-based fastener, these products can definitely provide you with the complete assurance and peace of mind knowing that you can definitely expect the best user experience from them. The TileWare Promessa Tee Hook Contemporary product should only be installed by the registered tile professionals who have got many years of industry experience. Since the TileWare Promessa Tee Hooks are typically installed with thinsets, they actually eliminate the requirement for drilling which can actually cause damaging of the tiles. It can also impact the plumbing and waterproofing components in an adverse way.


The TileWare Promessa Series Tee Hook with contemporary design also comes with a complete kit that includes screws, wall brace as well as all components that are needed to install the hooks. Another great advantage of using this tee hook is that it is not going to rust which makes it ideal for areas where water and moisture are common. The premium finishes that come with this product also help to make sure that this tee hook is aesthetically pleasant and enhances the beauty of the area. Such features make TileWare Promessa Series Tee Hook with contemporary design perfect for all kinds of homes and hotels.

Advantages of the Tee Hooks Contemporary from TileWare

The Tile ware Promessa tee hook contemporary has more pros than any ordinary tee hook that you will find in the market. Below are some of its significant advantages.

  • The hook features a compact T shape which makes hanging shower robes and other essentials easy.
  • In addition to clothes, it is also a unique fixture to hang other things like sponges, loofahs, and scrubbers. Practically, anything with a rope can be hung from it effortlessly.
  • Made with solid brass, it is rust-free and bears a premium finish that gives these hooks an extraordinarily stylish look.
  • The Promessa tee hooks are strong, and the manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years establishes that. 
  • Built with mortar-based technology, this fixture is strict to be installed by professionals only.
  • The hook requires no drilling. It can be installed straight away with a thin set, therefore eliminating any chance of damage to the existing tiles.
  • The hooks come with a kit of screws, braces, and such things that make installation a cakewalk.
  • Made of brass the hook will never rust. The fastener is non-corrosive even in wet environments.
  • The product works with tiles of all materials and thicknesses. 
  • Solid brass guarantees the best premium finish possible in bathroom hooks.
  • The hook’s simple design makes it easy to clean. Thus, it can be kept hygienic with regular wiping. 
  • The hooks are the first-ever non-penetrating fastening system in the bathroom accessories industry.
  • It is high-quality, not just because of its brass construct but also its stainless-steel components.
  • No drilling required; installs using thinset mortar
  • Ideal for hanging sponges, scrubbers, loofahs, or anything with a rope
  • The best hook for hanging towels and clothes
  • Kit includes all components required to install hooks
  • Solid brass with premium finishes 
  • Will not rust
  • Cleans easily – hygienic
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Size: 1 1/16″ x 1 1/16″ x 1/8″




The TileWare Promessa Series Tee Hook is a neat little thing accompanied with size, style, and finish that complements all modern bathroom interiors. The product has compact built and measures ¾”x 11/8”. The product comes with a proper installation suite comprised of a sleeve body, base washer, and an end cap. The ready-to-install kit that accompanies the TileWare contemporary hook further features fasteners with thumbscrews for protection and stainless-steel head screws. 

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    TileWare Promessa™ Series Tee Hook is great products, Stylized with flexibility and comfort.

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    I can’t imagine using some of the other products out there. This works, just use it and be done! Happy to buy TileWare Promessa™ Series Tee Hook

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    It looks simple and attractive at the same time, very useful product for your bathroom. My 2 colleagues already appraised for it, which sounds good to me.

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