TileWare Victoria™ Series – Foot Prop Kit (coated Zinc)

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TileWare Foot Prop Kit does not require drilling! Protect your waterproofing and plumbing!

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The stylish, yet sturdy TileWare Victoria™ Series Foot Prop Kit for tiled showers are designed for leg shaving and foot washing convenience in the shower and can used as a shelf for smaller shower and bath products. The TileWare Foot Prop design features a slight pitch for comfort and non-slip treads for added safety. TileWare Foot Prop Kit manufactured from zinc with premium finishes, the exceptionally sturdy TileWare Foot Prop will never rust. TileWare Foot Prop Kit designed with the TileWare patented, mortar-based fastener technology, these systems are intended to be installed exclusively by tile professionals. TileWare Foot Prop are installed using thinset thereby eliminating the need for drilling that can cause damage to tile, waterproofing and plumbing. TileWare Foot Prop kit includes wall brace, screws and all components needed to install the foot prop. Size: 6 7/16″ x 4 3/4″ x 3/4″.


Most of us worry about the tiles we would install in our bathrooms. We spend a lot of time, effort, and money on deciding the fixtures and fittings that would adorn our bathroom. But the foot prop is a veryuseful yet largely underestimated fitting for our bathrooms. It doesn’t take up too much space, but the utility it provides is immense. If placed at the right height, it helps in foot care without having to bend too low. Because it is so small and can unobtrusively fit in a corner, hence it is possible to use even in a small house with a small bathroom. Tileware has brought you this product which we introduced in the previous section. Let us now look at the product features and usage in a little more detail.


One of the biggest advantages of Tileware foot prop is that it easily integrates with thin-set, just like rebar in cement. This makes it very easy to install, actually in a matter of minutes. It installs with both tiles and with tile-set in the same timing. In case you have installed cut-in niches or preformed niches in your bathroom before, you will realise that the installation of this foot prop from Tileware is much easier. It is also 5 times more profitable than niches. When you normally use fixtures in your bathroom, a lot of cutting and chipping is needed in the tile to get it installed securely. The Tileware product uses up at least 70% less labour, making it very convenient for you. Another advantage is that the waterproofing layer doesn’t get violated. Several tests have been carried out, and the Tileware Foot Rest has been found to be able to support a weight as heavy as 1175 pounds. Apart from these distinct advantages during installation and also later during use, there are several technical advantages in its features. Here are some of them listed below.


The TileWare Foot Prop Kit manufacturer’s confidence in the product is evident from the 5 year warranty that it comes with. Even though it is installed in bathrooms which usually stay moist and humid, if not wet, all day, yet there is no fear of rust. Throughout its lifetime, you will also find it very easy to maintain. This is because it can be cleaned very easily. Even the installation is quite easy. The Foot Prop Kit available at Tileware comes with all the components that you would need to install it.

Features of TileWare Foot Prop Kit

  • TileWare Foot Prop Kit designed for leg shaving & foot washing convenience; doubles as a shelf
  • Features a slight pitch for comfort and non-slip treads for added safety
  • No drilling required; installs using thinset mortar
  • TileWare Foot Prop Kit includes all components require to install basket
  • Zinc with premium finishes
  • Will not rust
  • Cleans easily – hygienic
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Size: 6 7/16″ x 4 3/4″ x 3/4″

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