TileWare Victoria™ Series 24″ Radius Grab Bar Kit – Contemporary


 TileWare Victoria grab bar made from solid brass for exceptional safety, strength and durability! ADA Compliant

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The ADA compliant TileWare Victoria™ Series Grab Bars for tiled showers provide safety, function and style and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Contemporary grab bars constructed from solid brass with premium finishes that will never rust, the extraordinarily strong Victoria™ Series Grab Bars will not dislodge from extended use providing superior safety and durability and come with a 5 year warranty. TileWare Victoria grab bar designed with the TileWare patented, mortar-based fastener technology, these systems are intended to be installed exclusively by tile professionals. The TileWare Victoria™ Series Grab Bars comes with the PermaTile™ Installation Kit that includes wall brace, screws and all components needed to install the towel bars.


Contemporary grab bars are utilitarian additions to bathrooms. They not only offer stability, but also help avert accidents in certain cases. The TileWare Victoria Series 24 Radius Grab Bar Kit is a perfect fit for modern tiled showers. Available in curved and straight designs, these bars can be flexibly mounted on shower walls at minimum hassle. The TileWare 24 Radius Grab Bar kit can be installed horizontally as well as vertically, and diagonally when required.

Displaying very sleek and contemporary designs, these grab bar kits offer maximum safety in showers, not to mention function and style. Made from solid brass, the bars come in only premium finishes that never rust. High-quality brass gives the bars a sturdiness and strength that is extraordinary. The product is sure to hold for years even with extended use.

The Tile Ware Victoria Series 24” radius grab bar kit is an assist bar that comes in both curved and straight shapes. The bar is 24 inches in radius and has a dimension of the length is longer than just 3/16”, 1 ¼ inches in circumference and 1 ½ inches in depth. The mounting posts are 18 inches center to center.

The product is available in three finishes namely, brushed nickel which has a deluxe matt feel, the oil rub bronze which is glossy and mirror-like and polished chrome which is expensive looking. This grab bar kit is the first ever safety rail developed for showers that is requires no drilling and is mounted using thinset.

TileWare grab bars are stylized with looking radius grabs which offer safety, comfort and flexibility. This grab bar kit is exclusively designed and manufactured by professionals at TileWare.

What’s in the Installation Kit?

The kit contains the following components:

  • A PermaTile Fastener which is made of stainless steel and of ready-to-install design. The fastener is coupled with a stabilizing bracket as well as protective screws.
  • Stainless steel of dimension 16mm X31mm
  • Phillips-head screws made of stainless steel of 8-32 to go with the mounting.
  • 2 Phillips-head screws of 6-32 made of stainless steel for mounting the grab bar.


There are many advantages that the Tile Ware Victoria Series 24 Radius Grab Bar Kit has to offer. Below are some of those:

  • ADA grab bars have mortar-based fastening systems.
  • It does not require drilling and is therefore unlikely to any plumbing, wiring or waterproofing.
  • TileWare Grab Bar features a stainless steel fastener that is completely non-corrosive.
  • The fastener is ten times stronger than a standard fastener.
  • TileWare Grab Bar is tested and approved by the Tile council of North America.
  • TileWare Grab Bar kit is made for tile applications and is best fitted by tile installers.
  • TileWare Grab Bar is compatible with all kinds of standard tile products of average thickness.
  • Installation has a very quick turnaround time.
  • Having no drilling requirements, this kit eliminates all the hassles of failure including breakage of tiles, intrusion into plumbing and wiring, rupturing of waterproofing and more.
  • TileWare Grab Bar does not require wood blocking under the wall for installation.
  • TileWare Grab Bar can be easily installed either in the grout joint or in a tile.
  • TileWare Grab Bar can be wall mounted immediately after the grouting is done. It requires no special trips.
  • Installation does not entail the use of any special tool.

Thanks to its superior built, the product comes with a 5 year warranty which makes it a great purchase for long-term use.

  • ADA compliant Contemporary Grab Bars
  • TileWare Victoria grab bars can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 
  • Installs using the TileWare patented, mortar-based fastener technology
  • Exceptionally strong – will not dislodge from extended use
  • Solid brass with premium finishes – will not rust
  • Kit includes all components require to install towel bars
  • Cleans easily – hygienic
  • 5 Year Warranty


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