DTA Boss Professional Tile Cutter

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One of the most advanced tile cutters in the industry!

1 unit/pack (48”, 41”, 34”, 26”, 18”)

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The DTA Boss Tile Cutters are built to meet the on-the-job cutting needs of the most demanding professional tile contractor. The DTA Boss Pro Tile Cutters is constructed with a rigid I-Beam for precision scoring and solid support when breaking tile and a four position adjustable titanium wheel that easily scores the hardest of materials and is built to last. The DTA Boss Tile Cutters features a convenient breaker foot and a 6 bearing handle with a rubber grip for better control and more accurate cutting. The DTA Boss Tile Cutters is available five sizes for cuts up to 48”. The other five sizes available below this are 41”, 34”, 26”, 26”, and 18”, enabling you to tackle almost all variants of tile dimensions.

When you use this DTA tile cutter, you are assured of very precise and clean cuts in your tile, which you can get done much faster than other tools. You can get a much clearer view of the area you are cutting though, with the help of the breaker point window. The DTA Boss tile cutter comes with a cutting table equipped with a spring loaded rubber mat made of a unique non-slip material. One of the unique elements of this tile cutter is the adjustable wheel made of titanium which can be held in 4 different positions, enabling you to cut through the hardest of materials. The support arms for this tool can be adjusted according to the material you are using it on, and the dimensions of the tile you are cutting. You also get the help of a 45° angle guide to get precise angles on your cuts.

sizes, packed in boxes containing standard number of tiles each. But your construction site is never so neatly laid out and standardized. The same size of tile will usually never fit in every part of the tile laying area. That is why you often need cut or break the standard sized tiles into smaller pieces. That is when you need a good quality tile cutter.

At a basic level, there are a few standard tile cutting tools in use. The simplest one is a glass cutter which can be used for straight cuts. For slightly more involved work, a tiling tool comes in handy for similar straight cuts. The next higher level of tool which is handy for bigger jobs is the wet saw. And finally, a tool called the tile nipper is used for cutting tiles in curved shapes. When you log on to the internet to find the best tile cutter, you might be confused by the large number of options available. But experts and professionals agree in one voice that the DTA Boss professional tile cutter is undoubtedly the best in the business. This is just one among the different tools and admixtures related to tile installation that you can get at the Tile Pro Depot.


  • Fast, precise, clean tile cuts
  • Rigid I-Beam for solid support when breaking tile and stone
  • 4 position adjustable Titanium wheel for scoring the hardest material
  • 6 piece bearing loaded handle with rubber grip for better control
  • Breaker foot and adjustable wheel
  • Breaker point window for better visibility
  • Non-slip spring loaded rubber mat cutting table
  • Adjustable support arms for large format tile and stone
  • 45 degree angle guide
  • Available in 5 sizes for cuts up to 48”

2 reviews for DTA Boss Professional Tile Cutter

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very well built and cuts porcelain tile easily. Purchased it for the tile work on a master bath remodel it was easy to make the cuts on the 12×24 porcelain tiles.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have a 48″ board that works perfect- the best cutting board I’ve ever had; EVER!

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