Fila DETERDEK All-In-One Cleaner

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All-in-one descaler and detergent for removing grout residue, lime deposits, and rust stains!

Plastic bottles (1 Quart; 1 Gallon)

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The Fila DETERDEK Descaling Cleaner is an all-in-one descaler and detergent that contains high concentrations of surfactants for removing grout residue, rust stains and lime deposits from tiled shower walls and bathroom fixtures. The Fila DETERDEK Descaling Cleaner also eliminates any saline efflorescence from terracotta and bricks and is suitable for cleaning quarry tile, porcelain, glazed ceramic tile and acid resistant natural stone.


Common Discolorants on Tiles and Terracota

We usually use a grout paste to fill up the joints between two adjacent tiles, especially in the bathroom or swimming pool areas where you can expect a moist ambient condition for most part of the day. While this grout does have its utility in holding the tiles together and helping to prevent the ingress of water through the tile spacing, yet it does have its downside as well. Often the grout leaves an unsightly mark on the tiles which normal soap solution can’t remove. Another common occurrence of unsightly marks is seen on terracotta or brick surfaces. These are usually caused due to saline efflorescence which gets deposited on the surface and leaves marks after the moisture has evaporated.


Usual Causes of Scaling

Most experts agree that hard water is at the root of scaling and resultant discoloration. The carbonates that are unable to get dissolved in the water usually get deposited as ‘fur’ or scale. This not only looks unsightly but over time, it might also reduce the structural integrity of the surface.


The Tile Pro Solution

Not only the two instances mentioned above, but also for all other types of discoloration and sedimentation, our Fila DETERDEK product is an all-encompassing solution. Normally we have been used to using muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) for such problems, but that itself is a very corrosive substance, which is why DETERDEK offers a much milder yet more effective solution. Not only is it milder on the surfaces, DETERDEK also does not emit any harmful fumes which is normally the case with acidic descalers.


Advantages of Fila DETERDEK

The biggest benefit is that this single product is good for all your scaling, sedimentation and discoloration problems. You can use Fila DETERDEK as a very effective descaler when needed, but it can also be conveniently used as a detergent for regular cleaning needs. Since you would be using our DETERDEK solution in bathrooms, you need not worry about its harmful effects on metallic fittings. Fila DETERDEK is friendly towards steel or aluminium, so you can also use it for removing rust stains.


Shipping and Delivery

In whichever part of the country you are, we guarantee that you will receive our shipment in 6 days or less. The delivery times that are marked on the map elsewhere on this website calculate the delivery time starting from the day after the shipping date.

  • Substitutes for harmful muriatic acid
  • Does not emit fumes that are harmful to users or the environment:.
  • Does not alter color or appearance of the surface.
  • Cleans without damaging surfaces.
  • Does not harm aluminum or steel trims.
  • Multi-purpose: terracotta, porcelain, acid-resistant stone.
  • According to dilution, can be used as either a detergent or a descaler.

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    Hello. Is there a supplier in Oshawa on Can where i can go and purchase Fila Deterdek Descaling Cleaner 1L Thank you.

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