Fila MP90 ECO PLUS Stain Protector Penetrating Sealer – Water Based


Fila MP90 Sealer is ready-to-use stain protection for polished marble, granite and porcelain particularly in food prep areas!

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The Fila MP90 Penetrating Sealer is formulated to provide superior stain protection on polished marble, ceramic tile, granite and porcelain and provides anti-graffiti treatment for natural stone and porcelain. The Fila MP90 sealer is a great way to finish your installation. The Fila MP90 is non-film forming and will not alter the natural color. Certified as safe for food preparation areas, the Fila MP90 is ideal for protecting tables, kitchen counter tops and window sills making routine maintenance quick and easy. No dilution is required.


If you are looking to add beauty to your home or outdoor property, stone walls, floors, counters or other installations can do exactly that. It is a versatile installation and can be added to any area of your home to drastically improve the aesthetics. Among the variations we recommend are marble, travertine, granite, slate and limestone. These options are sure to add the visual element you are looking for. Whether you decide to add this feature to the interior or exterior of your home, your logic should remain the same. You want to increase the visual value of your property for years to come. And to do that there is no better way than applying the Fila MP90 Penetrating Sealer. This sealer will protect your installation and leave it looking great for years to come.


The Fila MP90 Penetrating Sealer is easy to apply and can help your stone, tile, marble, granite or porcelain installation fight against stains, weather or general corrosion. The Fila MP90 is eco-friendly and can be used throughout your entire home. It will help your material reduce absorption of spills or applied materials while not affecting its appearance. This will keep your stone, tile, marble, granite or porcelain looking as pristine as when it was installed. It, too, will help you with maintenance as materials protected with Fila MP90 Penetrating Sealer are typically easier to clear. It also can be used in grout joints or on crackle effect tiles, terrazzo, marble resin or stone slabs. The easy-to use sealer does not need diluted and can be purchased ready to use. Our water-based sealer recommendation is Fila MP90 ECO PLUS Stain Protector Penetrating Sealer. It’s ready to use and is excellent protection for polished marble, granite, and porcelain – making it perfect (and safe) for sealing food surface areas. This sealer is easy to use and does not require dilution – making it great for first timers.

  • Fila MP90 Sealer is excellent stain protection for polished surfaces
  • Fila MP90 Sealer is suitable for polished porcelain, ceramic tile; polished natural stones and agglomerates
  • Does not alter the natural color of surfaces.
  • Non film forming.
  • Certified as safe for food preparation areas.
  • Excellent for tables, window sills, kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanity tops.
  • Fila MP90 Sealer is ready to use: do not dilute.
  • Makes maintenance quicker and easier.
  • Ideal for the protection of crackle tiles


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