The HYDRO BAN Shower Pan Kit allows you to quickly and easily complete a long-lasting installation without the hassle of determining the essential components required.

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The LATICRETE HYDRO BAN Shower Pan provides you with the convenience of a smaller, easier-to-handle, multi-piece, pre-fabricated shower pan for a waterproof shower installation. The HYDRO BAN Shower Pan comes with a piece of HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane to cover the pan and allows you to waterproof the shower with HYDRO BAN liquid membrane over cement board or with HYDRO BAN Board (both sold separately).


Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Pan is standing proof of Laticrete’s world-class engineering. Built of lightweight yet highly dense and enlarged polystyrene, the Hydro Ban Shower Pan comes with a built-in drain and waste line connection that is 100% waterproof. Unlike conventional shower mud pans, these tile-ready shower pans are super easy to install and save you time and money.


Aimed to offer its customers a cost-effective solution for the quick and efficient installation of a completely water-resistant shower pan, Laticrete has come up with its own Hydro Ban Shower Pan Kit. It’s an all-inclusive kit containing everything for a hassle-free and fast installation of Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Pan. Speaking of Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower kits, they are available in multiple sizes and work well in conjunction with Laticrete tile and stone installation materials. And not just that, the Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower kits are uniquely designed to fit into any application where a pre-sloped shower is required – be it industrial or commercial, residential, or even in pet and gang showers.


Tile Pro Depot now offers Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Pan kits for sale in their online products store. Available in 6 different sizes from Tile Pro Depot, these Hydro Ban Shower Pans offer the simplicity and comfort of a small and compact, easy-to-handle, multi-piece, assembled shower pan for a fully water-resistant shower installation. The best thing about the Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Pan for sale at Tile Pro Depot is that it allows you to make your showers fully waterproof with the help of Hydro Ban liquid membrane over cement board or with a simple Hydro Ban Board, both of which are sold separately in our online tile and store installation store.


Depending upon the size you choose, the prices of Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Pan can range anywhere between $237.85 – $476.80 in Tile Pro Depot. These Hydro Ban Shower Pans have some unique features that make them the most sought-after shower pans in the market. So, what are those? Let us take a look:


  • Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Pan is lightweight, easy to handle, and ready to install.
  • They are cost-effective and efficient installations with proven and consistent outcomes.
  • Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower kit includes all essential components needed for installation.
  • These waterproof shower pans are DIY products.
  • Offer a lifetime warranty.
  • All components come from a single-source supplier.
  • Kits include drains, caulks and sealants, and all waterproofing components.


As far as the shower pan installation is concerned, comprehensive installation videos are available on the site that will help you learn and understand the process and steps involved in Hydro Ban Shower Pan installation. You can also check out the system brochures here at, in case you’re interested in digging into the technical details.

Pre-sloped, ready-to-install (compared to mortar install)
Faster installation, consistent outcome
Combined into an easy-to-order kit n All essential items included
Multiple installation options
“Do it your way”
Works in conjunction with LATICRETE tile and stone installation materials
Single source supplier
Lifetime System Warranty*
Pan, drains, waterproofing, thin-set, grout and sealant


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