Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 ADHESIVE (2 pails / 25.2 lbs)

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Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive is ideal for bonding moisture sensitive marble and agglomerate tiles and installing resin backed tile and mesh mounted glass mosaics! Buy Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive online.

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The 3-component 100% solids Laticrete Latapoxy 300 epoxy adhesive has a formulation that is specifically designed to provide heavy duty chemical resistance in applications exposed to continuous harsh chemicals such as commercial kitchens, packing houses, restaurants and food processing facilities.

Advantages of Laticrete Latapoxy 300 Adhesive

Laticrete Latapoxy 300 Adhesive is also suitable for certain marbles and agglomerates that are sensitive to moisture and tend to curl or warp when installed with standard water based thinsets. 

Latapoxy 300 Adhesive will not discolor or darken light colored or white marble and is recommended for the installation of resin backed tile and stones as well as mesh mounted glass mosaics.

Per recommendations from the Tile Council of North America, Latapoxy 300 Adhesive should also be considered for installations of marble and natural stone on post tensioned and suspended concrete slabs and for the installation of rubber flooring and wood block floors.

Latapoxy 300 Adhesive has exceptionally high bond strength yet application tools can be cleaned just with water eliminating the need for flammable cleaning solvents.


The Laticrete 300 Adhesive is an epoxy adhesive that is resistant to chemicals and receptive of most clean surfaces. The adhesive attaches soundly to clean and sound substrates spreading easily and bonding quickly. On a flip side, its viscosity allows for an easy water wash when still fresh. Latapoxy 300 adhesive is a complete pre-portioned kit containing epoxy resin, a hardener and a silica filler, which like the epoxy itself is also chemical resistant. Ideal for both exterior and interior applications, the adhesive works equally well on both dry and wet surfaces, walls and floors.


There are a ton of features that set the Laticrete Latapoxy 300 apart from other tiling adhesives found in the market. Here are some:

  • The adhesive is water cleanable. With just a splash of water, the resin can be washed away when it’s still wet and sticky.
  • The tools used to apply this adhesive do not require aggressive cleaning, especially with substances like non-flammable solvents. The resin washes away easily and without much arm-strength.
  • The Latapoxy adhesive is the perfect fit for installing moisture sensitive tiles like marble and agglomerate.
  • This adhesive is equally great for stones, mosaics, agglomerates and tiles that are resin backed.
  • Being colorless leaves no stains even on white marbles and other light-colored tiles.
  • The product offers extra heavy duty performance on? all substrates.
  • It has a very high bond strength.
  • The Latapoxy has superior chemical resistance.
  • The product keeps moisture-sensitive marble tiles and other agglomerates from curling up around the edges.
  • The product conforms to the ISO 13007 standard and scores an R2 Classification.

Suitable Substrates

The Laticrete Latapoxy 300 adhesive is suitable for a multitude of substrates. The strongest this adhesive bonds with are:

  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • Plywood
  • Brick
  • Cement plaster
  • Vinyl
  • Mortar
  • Plastic laminate
  • Fiberglass
  • Hydro Ban board
  • And backer board


Mixing this product is pretty simple. In a mixing bucket, pour the and Part A and Part B liquids. When everything is mixed well, add in Part C Fille. When the product turns into a smooth mix that has a trowel able consistency, it’s ready for application.

Things to Note

There are some things to keep in mind when using Laticrete Latapoxy 300 epoxy adhesive adhesive is not thinset for tiling. Below are the cautions to take into account when using this product:

  • This adhesive is a quick-dry product, but in cold weather, you want to protect it from traffic until it’s completely cured and ready to be walked on.
  • The Latapoxy 300 is corrosive until it’s fully dried and cured. So, it can cause damage to your skin and eyes. Protective gears must be worn when applying this product.
  • The standard wait time after final grouting is 14 days during which the area should not be exposed to water features, and when it’s done, the water should be at 70 degrees F.
  • Wear a mask while mixing the product because it contains silica breathing which can be injurious to the lungs.

Features of Laticrete Latapoxy 300 Adhesive

  • Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive is water cleanable.
  • No flammable solvents are required to clean tools or finished work.
  • Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive is Ideal for installing moisture sensitive marble and agglomerate tiles.
  • Ideal for the installation of resin backed tile, mosaics, stone, and agglomerates.
  • Non-staining on white and light-colored marble.
  • Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive is high bond strength.
  • Maximum chemical resistance.
  • Meets ANSI A118.3, EN 12004 and ISO 13007-1 R2 Classification criteria.

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    Yes Laticrete LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive is expensive stuff but you get what you pay for.
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    Used laticrete latapoxy 300 adhesive product. So far so good.

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