Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout – 1 Gallon

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Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency.

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Never before has a pre-mixed grout offered the superior strength and performance of epoxy grout, now found in SPECTRALOCK® 1! This patent-pending, professional-grade grout offers all the benefits of SPECTRALOCK® epoxy grout without the hassle of mixing. It provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency – even grouting in the most demanding applications.

Are you struggling to find a grout that matches your requirements? Spectralock 1 grout is a pre-mixture revolutionary product that matches the performance of epoxy grouts. It is a single component grout that includes Spectralock sand and colorant. The simple bucket packaging makes it easy to carry, and it comes with a strong lid and small paper disc to cover the mix that keeps the entire grout fresh.

The application process for Spectralock 1

All you need is the right consistency of grout that is simple and quick to install with no skill required. The pre-mix is easy to apply, scrape, and clean off the tiles. You just pack the joints, fill the grouts with smooth hand movements then remove the excess. After the application, use a wet sponge for cleaning the tile surface. 

Do not put too much pressure on this process. Use circular hand movements on the sponge and let the sponge do all the work. The next round of cleaning is vital. Wet the sponge again, so that it is damp, and with a single diagonal wipe off the entire surface. 

If the tiles have a shiny finish, two rounds of cleaning are enough. However, if you feel you need more cleanup, use a microfiber cloth and give a thorough circular wipe within. 45 minutes of the application.

Surfaces – suitable for many types of indoor and outdoor places

You can use this pre-mix grout for wet areas indoors, like the bathroom and kitchen. These are also great for steam rooms and swimming pools. These are not affected by UV rays and are suitable for residential and commercial spaces.

Features and advantages of Spectralock 1 grout

  • Locks in color and blocks out stains
  • Strongest pre-mixed grout on the market
  • The Spectralock 1 grout is available in all 40 Laticrete colors. It is one of the top pre-mixed grouts and holds a PSI rating of 10x, which is higher than any other pre-mixed grouts.
  • It is crack-resistant and ideal for extra heavy foot traffic. The installation is easy and quick, making it the top DIY choice. SpectraLock1 does not require any stirring or mixing for application. It is easy to clean up with just water, and the packet comes in a reusable package that helps reduce waste. When done with an installation just place the lid securely on the pail and the remaining grout can be reused anytime within six months.
  • The premix Spectralock 1 grout does not require sealing. You do not have to worry about discoloring, blotches, or shading. It comes with Microban technology, an antimicrobial formula that mitigates the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew. The VOC is very low; therefore, it emits hardly any smell during and after application. It does not have any epoxy resins. 

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    This product was easy to apply and could use it over several days and weeks without it drying in the bucket. Shower is no longer leaking at the grout line! Hope it holds up for several years.

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