Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout – 1 Gallon

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Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency.

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Item No.: 3185-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: almond

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attribute_pa_color_finish: sauterne

Item No.: 3150-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sea-glass

attribute_pa_color_finish: silk

Item No.: 3116-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: siltstone

Item No.: 3191-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: slate-grey

Item No.: 3189-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: smoke-grey

Item No.: 3155-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: tawny

Item No.: 3158-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: terra-cotta

Item No.: 3153-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: twilight-blue

Item No.: 3167-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: autm-green

Item No.: 3166-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: chest-brown

Item No.: 3143-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: choc-truffle

Item No.: 3122-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: mid-black

Item No.: 3188-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sil-shadow

Item No.: 3152-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: tst-almond

Item No.: 3181-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: butter-cream

Never before has a pre-mixed grout offered the superior strength and performance of epoxy grout, now found in SPECTRALOCK® 1! This patent-pending, professional-grade grout offers all the benefits of SPECTRALOCK® epoxy grout without the hassle of mixing. It provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency – even grouting in the most demanding applications.

  • Locks in color and blocks out stains
  • Strongest pre-mixed grout on the market

1 review for Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout – 1 Gallon

  1. 5 out of 5


    This product was easy to apply and could use it over several days and weeks without it drying in the bucket. Shower is no longer leaking at the grout line! Hope it holds up for several years.

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