Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout – 1 Gallon


Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency.


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Item No.: 3185-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: almond

Item No.: 3189-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: smoke-grey

Item No.: 3191-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: slate-grey

Item No.: 3116-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: siltstone

Item No.: 3103-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: silk

Item No.: 3150-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sea-glass

Item No.: 3118-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sauterne

Item No.: 3134-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sandstone

Item No.: 3130-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sand-beige

Item No.: 3155-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: tawny

Item No.: 3158-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: terra-cotta

Item No.: 3152-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: tst-almond

Item No.: 3178-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: ster-silver

Item No.: 3188-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: sil-shadow

Item No.: 3122-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: mid-black

Item No.: 3143-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: choc-truffle

Item No.: 3166-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: chest-brown

Item No.: 3167-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: autm-green

Item No.: 3153-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: twilight-blue

Item No.: 3192-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: saltillo

Item No.: 3138-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: river-rock

Item No.: 3141-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: kashmir

Item No.: 3157-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: hot-cocoa

Item No.: 3127-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: hemp

Item No.: 3159-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: espresso

Item No.: 3160-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: dusty-grey

Item No.: 3156-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: desert-khaki

Item No.: 3144-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: bright-white

Item No.: 3123-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: antique-white

Item No.: 3140-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: latte

Item No.: 3190-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: light-pewter

Item No.: 3145-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: raven

Item No.: 3146-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: quarry-red

Item No.: 3142-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: platinum

Item No.: 3161-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: parchment

Item No.: 3124-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: natural-grey

Item No.: 3139-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: mushroom

Item No.: 3135-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: mocha

Item No.: 3117-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: marble-beige

Item No.: 3181-0001-2

attribute_pa_color_finish: butter-cream

Never before has a pre-mixed grout offered the superior strength and performance of an epoxy grout, now found in SPECTRALOCK® 1! This patent pending, professional grade grout offers all the benefits of SPECTRALOCK® epoxy grout without the hassle of mixing. It provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency – even grouting in the most demanding applications.

  • Locks in color and blocks out stains
  • Strongest pre-mixed grout on the market


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