Blanke Aqua Shield Waterproofing Fabric – 323 sq. ft. Roll (3.28’x94.4′)


Avoid the cure time waits between coats and concerns about achieving minimum coverage common with liquid applied water proofing membranes with Blanke Aqua Shield! If you see blue you know it’s waterproofed!

Roll (323 sq. ft.)

$407.48 ($1.26/sq.ft.)

Item No.: 511-905-1000

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Blanke•AQUA SHIELD is a waterproofing fabric that can be applied with thinset to most surfaces that are dry, flat and structurally sound. Tile can be installed directly on fabric without the cure time required for liquid applied products. The high tensile strength of the Blanke•AQUA SHIELD ensures long lasting protection from moisture penetration in continuous wet areas such as shower stalls and bathrooms. In addition to waterproofing, the Blanke•AQUA SHIELD engineered blend of fibers also provide exceptional resistance to mold build-up; break-down from strong chemicals; and UV destabilization. A wide range of convenient accessories is available such as Blanke•AQUA FLEX for taping movement joints; the Blanke•AQUA SA, a self-adhesive tape for quick and convenient taping of seams; and preformed corners.

  • No waiting. Apply the Aqua Shield and start tiling
  • Minimum coverage guarantied
  • Latex modified thinset recommended
  • Pre-formed corners, tape and other accessories available for ease of installation.


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