Blanke Aqua Shield Waterproofing Pre-Formed Corners (2/pack)


Save time and guarantee secure waterproofing in corners!

2 pcs / pack

$16.23 ($8.11/pc)

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Item No.: 516-900

attribute_pa_size: inside-corners-2pack

Item No.: 517-900

attribute_pa_size: outside-corners-2pack

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Blanke•AQUA SHIELD Pre-formed Corners are designed to be used with Blanke Aqua Shield Waterproofing Fabric. In addition to saving the time needed to manually form corners, these factory made corners ensure secure waterproofing in the corners and reduce lippage from overlapping fabric in manually made corners.

  • Save time manually forming corners
  • Ensure secure waterproofing in corners
  • Reduce lippage from overlapping fabric
  • No waiting. Apply the Aqua Shield and start tiling
  • Minimum coverage guarantied
  • Latex modified thinset recommended


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