Blanke Stainless Steel DECO STAIR NOSE


Select the Blanke Deco Stair Nose Profile when your installation requires both contemporary design accents and maximum stair nose protection! Now available in 4 lf lengths!

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attribute_pa_size: 38h-x-8lf

attribute_pa_color_finish: polished-stainless-steel

Item No.: 462-286-8025

attribute_pa_size: 516h-x-8lf

attribute_pa_color_finish: polished-stainless-steel

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The Blanke Stainless Steel DECO STAIR NOSE Profile combines an original contemporary design with the strength and beauty of stainless steel to form an exceptional trim for tiled stairs and counter tops.

Designing and building staircases not only call for aesthetics but also safety. It is imperative to consider the type of stairs that matches certain kind of construction. Whether building a new stair or remodeling the older one – the treads and nosing are crucial parts. Metal stair nosing is one of the top priorities, as it checks all the right boxes. 

Stair treads are one of the most important and visible parts of any staircase. These are horizontal runners that constitute the longest part of any stairs while climbing up or down. Stainless steel nosing is the edge part of the stairs that ensure proper fitting and safety while in use. You can also refurbish the existing stairs by retrofitting the nose edges.

  • Attractive contemporary design
  • Constructed from high impact resistant, low maintenance stainless steel
  • Available in brushed and polished finishes
  • Overhang lip protects top of riser tiles
  • Available in 4lf and 8lf lengths

Advantages of metal steps nosing

The stair nose is the corner part of the staircase that ensures total safety while climbing. These make the entire walking anti-slip and increase the longevity of the steps. The metal nose is more common in commercial spaces like industrial areas, offices, and even public apartments. The reason is simple, the more people use it, the more robust the stairs must be. 

When you are using the steps, the ball of the foot encounters the front edge of the stairs – this leads to chipping of the concrete corners that gradually becomes slippery. To prevent hazards the nosing makes the edges of the steps strong and durable.

Stainless steel stair nose also prevents accidents during wet conditions. Many commercial areas reinsure this by installing a rough edge or grooved metal nose that allows it easier to climb and makes it slip-resistant. 

The metal nose reduces the maintenance of the entire staircase. Shifting huge items via steps leads to breakage of the edges, which eventually calls for repair work. You can install metal nose on treads for the lasting staircase. 

It is corrosion and rust-resistant, thus adding to the advantages of stainless-steel staircases. Extremely easy to maintain, clean, and heat resilient so, there is more to add to your list of pros. 

The only major downside of installing stainless steel nose on the edges of the staircase is the cost. Metal is always more expensive than just using concrete or wood, so the entire building price goes up. The other con of steel nose is that it is not scratch or dent resistant. You will require replacement or major repair in case of dents or strips out from the edges. 

Always ensure that you put a galvanized coating over the steel nosing to make it weather resistant. The last con of installing a steel nose on the stairs is the weight. It makes the stairs heavier than aluminum or wooden steps.

Get stainless steel nose for all your steps as it not only ensures safety but lasts for decades with meager maintenance costs.

Types of nosing in steel


There are several design options to suit your requirements. 

  • Pencil style nose
  • Square style nosing
  • Half-circle style nosing
  • Full round steel nosing
  • Zero overhang style metal nose

Check with the builder before deciding on the shape. You can always ask for custom sizes, shapes, and designs that match your staircase.


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