DTA Phantom Mesh Dry Wet Porcelain Blade


For fast and clean cutting of porcelain and natural stone!

1 blade/pack

$ 18.33 $ 60.00

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Item No.: CDB250A

attribute_pa_size: 10-phantom-blade

Item No.: CDB105A

attribute_pa_size: 4-phantom-blade

Item No.: CDB115A

attribute_pa_size: 4-5-phantom-blade

Item No.: CDB125A

attribute_pa_size: 5-phantom-blade

Item No.: CDB180A

attribute_pa_size: 7-phantom-blade

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The DTA Phantom Mesh Dry/Wet Porcelain Blades are designed for fast, clean and accurate cutting of ceramic tile, porcelain and natural stone both wet and dry. Blades are available in five sizes.

  • Fast and clean cutting of tile and natural stone
  • Excellent for cutting hard porcelain
  • Suitable for both wet and dry cutting
  • Available in 5 sizes


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