FilaCLEANER Neutral Cleaner (Now rebranded as the FilaSTONE CLEAN)


A neutral GREEN cleaner perfect for after-installation tile and natural stone cleaning – now re-branded as FilaSTONE CLEAN!

Plastic bottles (1 Quart; 1 Gallon)

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Item No.: 44040204

attribute_pa_size: 1-gallon

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The Fila Cleaner, now rebranded as FilaSTONECLEAN, is a neutral, gentle detergent that can be used on all flooring surfaces and pre-treated and sensitive surfaces such as unpolished marble. The Fila Cleaner is essential for after installation cleaning of acid sensitive material such as polished natural stone or polished agglomerates.

  • Cleans without damaging even sensitive surfaces such as unpolished marble and agglomerates
  • When highly diluted (1:200), leaves no residues and does not require rinsing.
  • Highly concentrated: can be diluted according to use.
  • Ideal for the maintenance of waxed surfaces.
  • A Fila Green Line product
  • Can be used with a floor cleaning machine (Diluted min. 1:200)
  • Ideal for laminated surfaces.
  • Pleasant fragrance.