Laticrete 253 GOLD Multipurpose Thinset Mortar

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Recommended for when the demands and budget for your installation require a superior product but not maximum performance characteristics!

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Tile Pro Depot offers a superior quality thin-set powder called Laticrete 253 GOLD multipurpose thinset mortar. It goes well with many kinds of substrate. 253 Gold is a superior polymer fortified bagged thin-set powder to be mixed with water to install ceramic tile and stone using the thin-set method of installation. 253 Gold is designed for use in interior and exterior floor and wall installations of all types of ceramic tiles, porcelain tile and stone over concrete, exterior glue plywood (interior only) and a variety of substrates.

When tiles are being installed on a surface, the mortar under it could be of two types. The first category is thick set tile installation, in which the cement mortar bed on which the tile is placed is of 1-1/4” or up to 2” thick mortar layer. This is used when the tiles are being installed on concrete slabs or properly installed wood. On the other hand, a thin set tile installation uses a mortar bed of only 3/16” thickness. It is used when the substrate is stable and uniform.

The ANSI A118.4 code stipulates specific guidelines for the shear bond requirements of thin set mortar used for tile installations. This is because water saturation can negatively impact the bond strength of the mortar and tile interface. Laticrete GOLD Thinset is completely compliant to the specifications of this code, and provides very high bond shear strength. This holds true for any type of surface (eliminate the following) 253 GOLD mortar is applied on. Additionally, it also adheres to the guidelines of A118.11 and ISO 13007-1 (C2).

The mortar made with Laticrete 253 GOLD is very smooth and creamy, therefore making it easy to install. Because the mortar is of comparatively lesser thickness in this process, the ease of usability allows the mortar to be uniformly spread with standard thickness.

A unique feature of 253 GOLD Thinset is that it contains a proprietary admixture called Microban. This provides microbial protection to the mortar. Usually the substrate below tiles is susceptible to attack by mold and mildew, which not only weakens the mortar and lowers the bond strength, but often disfigures the tiles as well. The Microban in Laticrete 253 protects the substrate from such attacks, providing increased durability to both tiles and the mortar underneath.

The large number of substrates on which it is applicable makes Laticrete 253 a very convenient thinset mortar powder. Some of the suitable substrates for its use are:

  • Exterior Glue Plywood
  • Vinyl or Resilient Tiles
  • Cut Back Adhesives
  • Brick Masonry
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Gypsum Wallboard
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic tile and stone
  • ….and many others

When this product is used in veneer installations, the local building codes need to be consulted and followed. Also, it should not be used directly over particle boards and hardwood floors.

  • Suitable with interior and exterior applications.
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.4 Shear Bond Strength Requirements.
  • Bonds to most surfaces.
  • Smooth, creamy and easy to install
  • Contains Microban® antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew in the substrate.

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    After some time, I faced some issues but Initially it was too good, It gave me good efficiency at this price range.

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