Laticrete FLOOR WARMING MAT / 120 V


Upsell your customers to the luxury and comfort of the durable and easy-to-install Laticrete Floor Warming system for tile and stone installations. No more cold floors in the morning!

120V and 240V mat rolls. Available in 1.0, 1.5, 3.0 ft. widths and various lengths

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A versatile floor warming mat for installation underneath tile and stone. Equipped with self-adhesive backing, Floor Heat Mat is simple to install and comes with a low profile wire so it is undetectable beneath tile and stone floors. The Floor Heat Mat is designed for optimal performance when used in conjunction with 254 Platinum, 86 LATILEVELand SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Groutor SPECTRALOCK PRO GROUT.


Note: All electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician. Failure to do so will void all warranties and claims. Comply with all applicable building and electrical codes. Designed for use with Floor Warming Thermostat.


Radiant floor heating refers to the use of gadgets which are warmed by electricity to heat floors below the tiles. This is also referred to a floor warming mat. The top layer of this contraption is a plastic mat with heat conducting properties. Below the plastic mat you would find a circuit of coils which provide the heating effect when electricity is passed through them. There is a slight difference between these coils and the coils you find in electric stoves or space heaters. The coils in a floor warming mat are usually resistance wires. The most common metals used to make these coils are copper or nichrome (nickel-chromium alloy). Because the electricity charges can be quite high, most people prefer to install such mats in specific rooms where the warming is more needed. Very rarely is the full house laid with this king of floor heating mat. You might find several products in the market, but let us take a look at one of the bestsellers in this category, the Laticrete floor warming mat.

The installation is quite easy because of the self-adhesive mesh backing. To make things even more easy, you get an easy-to-use software tool. This will help you in planning your layout when you plan to install the UL approved Laticrete floor warming tool. The heating element has a double intertwined mesh construction to ensure uniform distribution of heat across the mat. One of the best advantages of the Laticrete floor warming mat is its versatility. You can use it under a variety of finished floor coverings. Some of the suitable substrates with which you can use the Laticrete floor heat mat are concrete, mortar beds, exterior glue plywood, ceramic tiles and stone, cement terrazzo, cement backer board etc.

There are certain precautions that need to be taken during installation. Firstly, the electrical connections for the mat must be made by a licensed electrician. In case that is not done, and there is some issue later, the 25 year tile and stone system warranty and the lifetime tile and stone system warranties would be null and void. The system shouldn’t be switched on till a period of at least 72 hours has passed after the installation of tile and grout. In case the ambient temperatures are low, then you must protect the finished work from traffic till it gets fully cured. Finally, the heating elements should not be stapled directly.

  • Eligible for the LATICRETE 25 Year System Warranty and LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty
  • Self-adhesive mesh backing for easy installation
  • Durable intertwined heating element and mesh construction
  • Software tool available for design and layout plan assistance
  • UL Approved


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