Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant (10.5 oz tube)

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Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant recommended for bonding and sealing HYDRO BAN shower pans, seats, niches and other HYDRO BAN accessories.

Available in 10.3 oz (30 5 ml) tubes.

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Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant is a one component, fast curing, hybrid elastomeric adhesive and sealant. This Laticrete HYDRO BAN Sealant & Adhesive is specifically formulated to meet today’s Green Building Standards and has excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates. For use with Available in 10.3 oz (30 5 ml) tubes. But first, let us look at Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant in a bit more detail.


The role of a HYDRO BAN Sealant in construction is to prevent the passage of any kind of fluid through material surfaces, openings or surface joints. HYDRO BAN Sealants are used in such crevices or joints where other construction materials like concrete, timber or mortar can’t be used. The material for sealants is chosen in such a way that the structure, and especially the joint, strength, flexibility, and also resistance to corrosion. Earlier, substances like plant resins, mud, grass, and even reeds were used as sealants. Later, glazing putty began to be used for sealing window glass. From the 20th century onwards, chemical substances like acrylics, butyl, and silicon polymers have been used. For the last 50-60 years, sealants have been very commonly manufactured using synthetic polymers.


Adhesives is a term that is often used interchangeably with sealants. But technically they are different. Adhesives are used not just to fill up openings but also to join materials by glueing them together. Some of the common uses of adhesive materials are in ceramic tiles, drywall lamination, flooring underlay, or timber jointing. Like sealants, adhesives too are made from a variety of materials. Some examples are polyvinyl acetate, epoxy resin, phenol formaldehyde etc.


Laticrete has created a single product which can serve both these purposes. The Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant is the name of this wonder product. Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant is effective on a variety of surfaces including polystyrene. The curing time is really short, enabling you to get the surface usable very quickly. The Laticrete HYDRO BAN sealant & adhesive will not shrink or crack, which makes it so durable. You get awesome flexibility while using this offering from Laticrete. There are no harmful components, and it is completely VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant. It also doesn’t contain any harmful solvents or isocynates.


The flexibility of Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant allows it to be used easily with all classes of products like the Pre-sloped shower pan, preformed seat, preformed niche, pre-sloped ramp, preformed curb and preformed curb overlay. For example, while using it with the shower pan, you can use it to fasten the backer board. For preformed niches, this product is useful in fastening the niche to the wall studs and backer board. The best results are, however, observed when used with substrates like expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, cement backer board, and polystyrene backer board.

Features of Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant:

  • Excellent adhesion on nearly ALL substrates including polystyrene
  • Fast Cure
  • Excellent Durability
  • Superior Flexibility
  • Will NOT shrink or crack
  • NO harmful components
  • VOC Compliant
  • Contains no solvents or isocyanates

4 reviews for Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant (10.5 oz tube)

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant is an excellent product and made the sealed perfect joint prior to applying the Hydroban.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant is a Good Product to use!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Laticrete HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant was great and made the perfect joint sealant prior to applying the hydroban.

  4. 5 out of 5


    It is very flexible product, size is small but gives a good outcome or result, exceed my expectations.

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