Laticrete HYDRO BAN Preformed Niches (various sizes)

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Upgrade your customer to the luxury of ready-to-tile, factory waterproofed HYDRO BAN Preformed Niches that will save you time and money when compared to traditional methods of constructing niches! Backed by LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty^ Single Source responsibility

1 niche/carton (various sizes and configurations)

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Constructed from lightweight, yet durable, high-density, expanded polystyrene, Laticrete HYDRO BAN Preformed Niches come tile-ready with a waterproof finish that is factory-applied. The HYDRO BAN Preformed Niche is a watertight, easy-to-install, labor saving alternative when compared to more traditional niche construction methods and belongs to the HYDRO BAN family of products that provide components for rapid, high quality shower installations including several sizes and configurations of the preformed shower niche.


But exactly what is a preformed niche and why do you need it? It doesn’t matter how nice and attractive the tiles in your bathroom are. You would need to have adequate space to store things like lotions, soap, shampoos etc. This kind of recessed shelf on the bathroom walls is referred to as a niche. The thickness of the bathroom wall then serves as the extra space you need without eating into bathroom floor area. If such recesses are made in the wall itself, and the work isn’t done by a good workman, it might leave behind a shabby finish, and also impact the waterproof properties of the wall. That is why Laticrete has come out with their Laticrete Hydro Ban Preformed Niche.

One of the foremost reasons for its popularity is that it is labour saving and very easy to transport/handle/adjust while being installed. The factory applied waterproofing we spoke about earlier doesn’t need any further intervention during installation. That is the reason users say that the Laticrete Hydro Ban Preformed Niche is ready to tile. A strong bond is formed between the thinset and the polystyrene surface of the Laticrete niche. You need not worry about regulatory compliance when you use it, because it complies with the requirements of ANSI A118.10, and is a product proudly made in America. That is the reason the makers of Laticrete Hydro Ban niche are able to offer a complete warranty under DS 230.99. The warranty for this product is bundled with the Lifetime Warranty of Laticrete under the concept of Single Source Responsibility.

Apart from the technical strengths, the Laticrete shower nichealso has several useful design options and sizes, which allows you to install as per your need. For example, you could go for the Narrow Combo 8” x 12” or the 6” shelf.You could select shower benches, seats and of course the preformed niches. Each niche that you choose is packed and shipped in a single carton instead of being bundled with other niches, to prevent any disfigurement or damage during shipping. This product is available on the Tile Pro Depot website, and if you buy it here, you get additional 62 credits when you buy the Laticrete Hydro Ban Preformed Niches. UPS Ground is used to fulfil all orders, and deliveries in any state of USA could take from 1 day to 6 days, with the destinations on the West Coast taking more time on average.


  • Labor saving, lightweight and durable. Easy to transport, handle, and adjust during installation.
  • Factory applied waterproofing; unlike competing brands, no extra step is required.
  • Thin-set forms strong bond to niche surface.
  • Waterproofing meets ANSI A118.10 requirements.
  • Laticrete HYDRO BAN Preformed Niche is ready to tile!
  • Laticrete HYDRO BAN Preformed Niche comes in multiple design options and sizes available adding utility and value to the shower installation.
  • Component of LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty^ Single source responsibility.
  • Laticrete HYDRO BAN Preformed Niche is Made in America.

^ See DS 230.99 for complete warranty information

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    This niche was easy to install and adhering tiles was a breeze. I love it.

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