Laticrete HYDRO BAN Waterproof Fabric Membrane


Choose HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane when your waterproofing job demands the security and protection of a sheet membrane! Use recommended LATICRETE installation products and be backed by the LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty!

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Laticrete HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane is a high performance low-perm waterproofing sheet membrane for use in interior, residential and commercial waterproofing applications including steam showers and steam rooms. It is constructed of a thin, durable polyethylene core with a fused non-woven polypropylene exterior surface for optimum bond strength. Available accessories include: sealing tapes, pre-formed inside and outside corners and pipe collars. Laticrete HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane allows for quick easy waterproofing installations which will retain their integrity for the life of the installation.


Laticrete Waterproofing Membrane Fabric

Laticrete waterproofing membrane fabric is required where major spills within bathrooms and laundry rooms are likely to occur. The best way to prevent damage being done to your tile flooring is through waterproofing. It is no easy task to install tile flooring, so it is pertinent to ensure that your tile is properly waterproofed. Employing correct waterproofing methods will preserve your efforts and assure that your floor will be around for years to come. 

There are many options when choosing waterproofing and different installation methods depending on product selected. carries a plethora of options when it comes to utilizing its purposes. For the most ideal fabric results, try out the Laticrete Hydro Ban Waterproofing Fabric Membrane. The Laticrete Hydro Ban membrane fabric is made of thin, durable polyethylene with a fused non-woven polypropylene exterior surface for optimum bond strength. This membrane allows for quick installation and retains its’ integrity throughout the shelf life of the installation.

Another waterproofing membrane product that we could recommend is the Laticrete HYDRO BAN Liquid Waterproofing Membrane. With high-level performance rates, this method takes less time and speeds up installations entirely. The Hydro Ban liquid membrane is much quicker and easier to install than traditional sheet membrane. This liquid membrane is formulated from rubber polymer and is self-curing. It forms a thin, seamless, and flexible membrane and can bond directly to metal, PVC, or ABS plumbing fixtures. 

The question becomes: When would it be necessary to use a Laticrete waterproofing membrane fabric? A common opportunity to install waterproofing tile installation is in regards to damage prevention. Waterproofing prevents mold – it isn’t only about ensuring integrity but also preventing health problems. Our product prevents mold by keeping water from penetrating the tile installation from water on top of the tile. Moisture build- up in the ceiling and walls causes fungus or mold growth. These microorganisms can cause serious health issues such as allergies, asthma and a weakened immune system. 

Some major benefits of the Laticrete Liquid Waterproofing Membrane include safety, effectiveness and ability to save time during installation. Installation does not require any special mixing or application equipment and it can be applied quickly with a paint brush or roller. The fast cure allows for a quick finish and convenient turn around times and it is equipped with anti-microbial technology. Most importantly, it is UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified and received an “Extra Heavy Service” rating per TCNA performance levels. 


Buy Laticrete Waterproofing Membrane Fabric

When searching for floor waterproofing membrane fabric products, Tile Pro Depot is the right place to go. We carry both fabric and liquid waterproofing products, as well as a variety of accessories to ensure the job is done right the first time. We value time and are committed to responding quickly to your needs.

  • Approved for steam rooms (ASTM E96/E96M Procedure E-0.06 Perms (single membrane).
  • Easy to cut and embed. Pliable construction conforms easily to irregular substrates.
  • One source, one warranty from substrate to tile.
  • Modified thinset recommended.
  • Allows for installation over green mortar beds
  • Complete line of accessories available.
  • IAPMO/ICC approved; ANSI A118.10 – Exceeds all requirements
  • LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty available*.


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