RTC Euro Notch Trowel (11″ x 5″)

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Improve thinset coverage and speed-up your installations with the help of RTC Euro Notch Trowel!

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The RTC Euro Notch Trowel includes a unique design that guarantees thinset coverage by using a varying pattern notch design. Unlike conventional notch designed trowels, when tile is embedded into thinset applied to the substrate with the RTC Euro Notch Trowel, the thinset rows formed by the notches collapse improving coverage and speeding up the installation time. The RTC Euro Notch Trowel can be used on many types of tile including thick tile, thin tile, and large format tile as well as the smaller sizes.


The RTC Euro Notch Trowel is a must have product when it comes to achieving better results with the tiling process. The RTC Euro Notch Trowel is characterized by a one of a kind design that ensures excellent thinset coverage. This is guaranteed with the help of a top-notch design that comes with a varying pattern. Unlike some of the conventional and standard designed trowels, as tiles are embedded into the thinset that is applied to substrate using the RTC Euro Notch Trowel, all the thinset rows that are formed using the notches effectively collapse which helps to improve coverage. It also makes it possible to speed up the overall installation time. The great thing about the RTC Euro Notch Trowel is that it can be used for a wide range of tile components such asthick tiles and thin tiles as well as large format tiles and smaller sized tiles.


The cutting edge design of the RTC Euro Notch Trowel has been developed after much meticulous research and effort. It helps to make sure that the users have better overall coverage from the very beginning stages of the tiling process. This can really help the users a lot while working on different kinds of tiles. Anyone looking to apply the tile mortar to the floor surfaces and walls can expect to receive the finest experience while working with the RTC Euro Notch Trowel. However, RTC Euro Notch Trowel can also offer a range of added benefits that can enhance the efficiency of a tiling process. Apart from moving the mortar from the mixing bucket, it can also serve as a powerful metered dispensing system which can ensure appropriate amount of mortar that is required for the tiles. 


Tested to deliver the highest level of efficiency for all kinds of projects, the RTC Euro Notch Trowel has been cut out to make the work of the tile laying professionals a lot easier. The notch sizes of the RTC Euro Notch Trowel have also been carefully measured which can make it easier for people to work on different kinds of tile laying surfaces. The coverage offered by the RTC Euro Notch Trowel is definitely optimum, which makes it definitely useful and handy. So if you are keen on getting a perfectly designed RTC Euro Notch Trowel that can deliver excellent performance, choose RTC Euro Notch Trowel for the best experience.  

1 review for RTC Euro Notch Trowel (11″ x 5″)

  1. 5 out of 5


    This trowel is great for all format tile. Trowel is of good quality and easy to clean.

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