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Eliminate tile lippage and save with the MLT reusable cap and strap system!

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MLT Lippage System – MLT Lippage Starter Kits

MLT Lippage System introduces the industry’s latest technology in mechanical lippage tuning. Consisting of three major components (reusable cap, reusable strap and bottom plate), the MLT Lippage Tuning system achieves the least amount of waste possible. With three different bottom plates designed for porcelain, thin tile and stone slab (up to 2cm), in addition to cap accessories, MLT components can be tailored to each specific jobs. The MLT Lippage Starter Kit for porcelain (includes Caps, Straps, Porcelain Tile Bases, Ergonomic gun)


The MLT Lippage starter kit is the industry’s latest in lippage tuning. A technology that is completely new, the MLT starter kit is designed specifically for applications. Carrying three principal components, this kit minimizes wastage during application and make tiling jobs twice as perfect. The kit is a complete package of components that make tile leveling easy and accurate.

What Are Included in the Kit

The MLT Lippage system is a three part  kit. Below are the three chief components you will find inside this package.

  • The kit carries MLT caps which make incredibly easy. Designed so that they can be easily disengaged under tension, the caps allow for easy repositioning tiles and slabs. Just a slight bit of pressure on the sides is all it takes to realign the tiles with the cap. The kit includes 200 of them.
  • The second component is side. These wings produce a uniform pressure at the sides keeping the alignment precise and perfect. The wings also guarantee a perfect plane when the setting material is cured.
  • The third part which fit into the MLT cap tops. Tongue inserts made of stainless steel, these parts go into the cap where the ratcheting teeth are worn out and need fixing. The inserts replace the teeth in those caps extending their life and function greatly.

Other components included in the MLT leveling system kit are 250 straps and 500 porcelain base plates and an installation gun. Everything comes in a hard plastic carrying case.

The Features of the MLT Lippage Starter Kit

Below are some of the features which make the MLT tile leveling system one of a kind.

  • The caps are sturdy and they can be made more durable by applying rubber feet which protect them from scuffs and scratches that are common to occur during tiling.
  • The caps are reusable which means you can dismount them after tensioning to facilitate the cleaning of the grout lines. The positions of the tiles.
  • The base plates are different for different kinds of tile materials.
  • Straps are reusable which reduces the cost of the project by a good measure.
  • The base plates are ready-to-go and do not require pre-soaking.
  • The steel tongue inserts and rubber feet that come in the kit help prolong the lives of the caps while protecting the rubber feet protect the tile from being scratched by the caps. from significant damage.
  • The base plates feature counter sink holes which facilitate fastening them for ceiling operations.
  • The design of the base plate supports maximum thinset coverage and leaves no room for hollow spots in between.
  • When the ratcheting teeth in the cap gets worn out, the stainless-steel tongue inserts can be fitted into the slot to prevent further scratching and wearing.
  • You can buy stainless steel tongue inserts and rubber feet found in the cap and strap tile leveling system separately at the store.

Features of MLT Lippage System:

  • Prevents tile lippage
  • Reusable caps and strap components reduces expense;
  • Steel tongue inserts available to extend cap life
  • Caps can be removed during installation for joint cleaning and tile adjustment
  • No need to pre-soak bottom plates
  • Rubber feet available to prevent scratching polished material; MUST be used for thin tile
  • Three unique bottom plates available for porcelain, thin tile, and stone slab (up to 2cm thick)
  • Bottom plates allow for maximum thinset coverage without hollow spots
  • Ergonomic gun available for ease of installation


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