Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wire / 120V (NEW IMPROVED!)


The Next Generation in Floor Heating!

Wire coils in various lengths (17 lf to 398 lf)

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The incredibly versatile Laticrete STRATA HEAT Wire is suitable for installation under many different floor covering finishes and can be configured to fit any floor plan layout and size no matter how irregular. The STRATA HEAT Wire is easy to adjust to a wide range of spacing options depending on desired heat output. The STRATA HEAT Wire has the innovative STRATA HEAT Spacing Strips that allows for quick and easy installation. The Laticrete Floor Heat Wire cable can be use in both residential and commercial applications and is offered in 120V and 240V current options. Laticrete stands behind the quality and durability of the Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wire with the Laticrete Lifetime System Warranty (conditions and limitations apply).


Another versatile addition to Laticrete’s fast growing list of products, the Strata Heat Wire 120v is a spliceless wire system that is designed for warming floors. Functional and high performing, this wire system can be installed to heat up the many types of flooring. With such a wire system installed under a floor covering, luxury and comfort are guaranteed in any home. The Laticrete Strata Heat Wire 120V is designed to be with Laticrete Strata Heat Thermostat, Heat Mat and Heat Spacing Strips.

Engineered for uncomplicated installation, the Laticrete Strata Heat Wire can skip the whole part where the underlying mat is uncovered to bury the splices in between the cold lead and the termination or part of the wire which is heated. As mentioned before, the Laticrete Starta Heat Wire is fully splice-free which means its junctions are all of the uniform diameter.

Features of the Laticrete Strata Heat Wire 

The Laticrete Strata Heat Wire has many features providing the users certain advantages. Below are some of those features that highlight the best benefits of this product.

  • The heat wire features a seamless, uncomplicated design completely free of splices. That in itself allows for quick and easy installation under any kind of flooring.
  • Its spliceless design allows users to avoid the messy part of from underneath the floor. The Strata Heat Wire installation does not involve pulling out the sub-floor for the reason of burying the wire system’s cold lead.
  • The heat wire system comes with more than one spacing option. This allows users to choose their own variability where heat output is concerned.
  • The components of the Laticrete Strata Heat Wire have been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Samples from the material have been studied and evaluated by the laboratory and has been approved. The materials used to build its components meet all UL requirements.

Advantages of Laticrete Strata Heat Wire

The Laticrete Strata Heat Wire system has many advantages some of which have been discussed above. Here are some others that make the product straight up a front runner in its category.

  • The Laticrete Strata Heat Wire system is an incredible product that has universal compatibility.
  • The heating system guarantees comfort through even and comfortable heating throughout the floor.
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. Anything that happens to the product during its use inspected by Laticrete. Depending on the nature of the problem they will either fix or replace it without any additional cost.
  • The wire system has variable spacing which is perfect to have variable heat outputs. A user can choose to space them closely or far apart depending on the kind of output they are after.

The Most Suitable Substrates

The Laticrete Strata Heat Wire works with most substrates. However, to be specific, below are the substrates that this wire system is most compatible with:

  • Concrete flooring
  • Hydro Ban Board
  • Cement Backer Board
  • Concrete Terrazzo
  • Mortar substrates
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Stone tiling
  • Interior surfaces, horizontal ones only
  • Glue plywood

Heating Spacing

The estimated coverage of this wiring system is a standard of 17 watts every sq. ft. This includes 3/2/3 pillar spacing. However, the coverage is variable based on the spacing patterns chosen for the cables.

Please note that the Laticrete Strata Heat Wire 120v is only meant for installation under interior floors. The product is unsuitable for installation in outdoor areas.

  • Spliceless Design – Single diameter
  • Burying the Cold lead has been removed from the installation process
  • Use under multiple types of finished floor coverings.
  • Provides multiple wire spacing options allow for variability in heat output.
  • Innovative STRATA_HEAT Wire Spacing Strips allows for quick installation and layout flexibility.
  • Ideal for irregular floor plan configurations.
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Available for 120V and 240V current.
  • Eligible for LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty (see LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty details).
  • UL Approved


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