Laticrete Strata Heat Mat (New Improved!)

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The lastest innovation from Laticrete! Provide floor warming comfort and uncoupling protection with this light weight easy-to-install strata heat mat!

Rolls (161 sq. ft.) Sheets (10/carton; 8.6 sq. ft.)

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The Laticrete STRATA HEAT Mat not only offers all the lightweight, easy-to-install benefits of the STRATA_MAT,  but also a convenient method to provide under-tile floor warming comfort. The STRATA HEAT MAT is designed to hold the STRATA_HEAT Wire in place under the tile as well as the thinset used to bond the tile. The  STRATA HEAT Wire is connected to the user friendly programmable Laticrete STRATA_HEAT THERMOSTAT for convenient floor heat control. As with other Laticrete uncoupling products, STRATA HEAT Mat offers faster drying times for the thinset and allows for the use of modified or unmodified thinset depending on the requirements of the installation. The STRATA HEAT Mat is available in 161 sq. ft. rolls or convenient 39″ x 49’2″ sheets for smaller projects.


Thermal expansion and contraction can play a major role in the durability of tiles. This is not simply because of the heat on the tiles themselves. The actual reasons for the problems are the screed (layer of mortar etc.) applied beneath the tiles, along with any adhesives etc. Any material expands when it is heated, and contracts when the temperature reduces. The extent of expansion and contraction of different substances in response to the same amount of heat depends on their coefficient of thermal expansion. For example, the coefficients are different for the screed and the adhesive and the tiles. This causes the expansion or contraction to be different for all three materials. As a result, stresses build up at the interface between the tile and the substrate. If it goes beyond a certain limit, the weakest portion of the entire system would yield. Usually this is the bond between the adhesive and the tile. At other times the tiles themselves crack.


Tile Pro Depot has a great product which can help keep tiles safe. It is called the Laticrete Strata heat mat. Movement protection is usually provided by the uncoupling function of the Heat Mat and Uncoupling Mat. But with Laticrete Strata Mat this can be provided without providing heating. Underfloor heating, therefore, becomes required only for providing warmth and comfort.  It is recommended for use in combination with Strata Heat Wire and Strata Heat Thermostat. Apart from its main function of warming, it also provides protection to the tile and adhesive. Since the product come with the warranty from Laticrete, you get the convenience of a single source of supply and warranty. The strata heat mat installation must be done using either modified or non-modified Laticrete 254 or higher grade thinser mortars as per industry guidelines. ASTM C627, for example, has given the rating of Extra Heavy to the strata heat mat.


In order to correctly control the heat output variability, you have the option of 2-3 peg spacing. The height transition issues to adjacent flooring are avoided because it is only 1/8” thick. This helps to avoid transmission of in-plane cracks as well. You can easily have the mat installed by following the Laticrete strata mat installation instructions. The instant coverage verification would allow you to see the mortar coverage underneath the mat. This can be done easily without having to lift the mat to check. There are mortar hydration vents which create a mechanical bond between the adhesive and the mat. Additionally, you get robust vapour management because of the uncoupling membrane. Finally, the chalk lines are easily visible on the surface prior to the installation.

  • Laticrete Strata Heat Mat Uncoupling Membrane is lightweight, easy to carry and install using standard tools; compare to backboard products.
  • Use with STRATA HEAT WIRE and STRATA HEAT THERMOSTAT for floor warming comfort
  • 2-3 peg spacing options for heat output variability
  • Once source supply and warranty. Install with LATICRETE recommended products for substrate to tile system warranty.
  • Use either modified or non-modified mortars when installing tile as recommended by industry guidelines.
  • Only 1/8” thick; avoid height transition issues to adjacent flooring.
  • Eliminates transmission of in plane substrate cracks of up to 1/8″ (3 mm).
  • Instant coverage verification· allows for installer to see mortar coverage underneath the mat during installation without having to lift and verify.
  • Allows for easier floor layout as chalk lines are easily visible on surface prior to tile installation.
  • Mortar Hydration Vents – creates a mechanical bond between the mat and adhesive mortar – allows the mortar to cure faster providing a stronger bond of tile at 16 – 24 hours for faster time to grout.
  • Laticrete Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane provides vapor management.
  • Rated Extra Heavy per ASTM C627.
  • Can be used under moisture sensitive stone.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    We moved into our new home last month, and the tiles looked great. But they felt so cold to our feet. A friend at work suggested Laticrete Strata Heat Mat from experience, and I am so happy I took his advice when we got the tiles relaid

  2. 5 out of 5


    when I searching for laticrete strata heat mat then I found tile pro depot and buy laticrete strata heat mat from tile pro depot. Strata_Heat will provide faster drying of the mortar, allowing for shorter time to grout. Very Good Product…….

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