Laticrete WireEye Electronic Fault Indicator


Use theLaticrete WireEye Electronic Fault Indicator to avoid costly repairs that can occur in the unlikely event the Floor Warming electric mat is damaged during installation! Repair the mat BEFORE the tile or stone is installed.

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Laticrete WireEye Electronic Fault Indicator is an installation tool designed specifically to be used during the installation of Laticrete floor warming products. Floor warning lead wires are attached to the WireEye Electronic Fault  Indicator allowing for continuity monitoring during the installation process. In case of loss of continuity, the WireEye Electronic Fault Indicator emits an alarm to alert the installer of a potential problem.

*Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Included).




  • Enables installer to detect damage to the electrical wiring in the Floor Warming Mat before installing tile or stone.
  • Avoid removing tile and other costly repairs when tile is installed on a damaged mat.


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