Prodeso Heat Uncoupling Membrane System (Apply coupon code prodeso10%off for an additional 10% off!)


Prodeso Heat Uncoupling Membrane System: Major labor savings with this all-in-one heat mat/underlayment membrane!  Apply coupon code prodeso10%off for an additional 10% off!

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The thin, lightweight Prodeso Heat System combines the features of an in-floor electric heat system with the benefits of an uncoupling underlayment into a single rolled polypropylene membrane thereby eliminating the need install two separate products. The Prodeso Heat Membrane system is constructed with square shaped reliefs on top, that form channels specially designed to embed and hold the electric heating cable. The underside of the Prodeso uncoupling membrane has a polypropylene thermo-welded woven layer that is bonded to the subfloor with thinset and provides crack isolation protection to the tiled surface.


The Prodeso Heat Membrane can be installed as an underlayment to cover all of the subfloor providing uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing protection. The Prodeso heat membrane is installed using thinset troweled onto the substrate. Once the Prodeso heat mat is installed on the substrate, Laticrete Floor Heat Cable can be installed in areas that require heat. (NOTE: Laticrete floor warming products should not be installed in wet areas such as showers). The Laticrete heat cable should be installed by wrapping the heat cable around the plastic studs protruding from the top of the Prodeso heat mat so that the heat cable is runs the length of the area spaced two studs apart. (Please read Laticrete installation instructions before installing the Laticrete Heat Cable onto the Prodeso heat membrane)


Once the Laticrete heat cable is installed, tile can be set immediately with no waiting. Depending on the size of the job, the Prodeso heat membrane system can be installed along with the tile all in one day. The Prodeso Heat Membrane offers tremendous time, labor and material savings when compared to more traditional two step floor heat systems such as wires mats plus and uncoupling membrane which normally require a minimum of two days for installation. The first day is needed to install the wiring to the substrate and skim coat the voids between the wires. The thinset then needs to harden prior to installing a separate uncoupling membrane which normally can only be done the next day.


When installed, the Prodeso Heat System add only 5.5mm or less than ¼” to the overall installation. This is considerably less height build up than the previously used two step systems. The innovative and patented Prodeso Heat System is time saving, cost effective way to provide the comfort and convenience of under floor  electrical radiant heat.

  • One step installation yields significant labor/time cost savings
  • Thin (1/4”), lightweight and easy-to-install
  • Prodeso Heat Uncoupling Membrane System is flexible heating zone selection
  • Can be waterproofed
  • Uncoupling/crack isolation protection
  • Vapor management
  • Heat Cable available in 120V and 240V
  • Thermostat kit sold separately


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