Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wire / 240V (NEW IMPROVED!)


The Next Generation in Floor Heating!

Wire coils in various lengths (83 lf to 830 lf)

$ 203.72 $ 938.39

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Item No.: 0804-0133-4

attribute_pa_size: 133-lf

Item No.: 0804-0166-4

attribute_pa_size: 166-lf

Item No.: 0804-0233-4

attribute_pa_size: 233-lf

Item No.: 0804-0266-4

attribute_pa_size: 266-lf

Item No.: 0804-0299-4

attribute_pa_size: 299-lf

Item No.: 0804-0332-4

attribute_pa_size: 332-lf

Item No.: 0804-0415-4

attribute_pa_size: 415-lf

Item No.: 0804-0498-4

attribute_pa_size: 498-lf

Item No.: 0804-0581-4

attribute_pa_size: 581-lf

Item No.: 0804-0664-4

attribute_pa_size: 664-lf

Item No.: 0804-0747-4

attribute_pa_size: 747-lf

Item No.: 0804-0830-4

attribute_pa_size: 830-lf

Item No.: 0804-0083-4

attribute_pa_size: 83-lf

Item No.: 0804-0100-4

attribute_pa_size: 100-lf

Item No.: 0804-0200-4

attribute_pa_size: 200-lf

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The incredibly versatile Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wire is suitable for installation under many different floor covering finishes and can be configured to fit any floor plan layout and size no matter how irregular. The STRATA_HEAT Wire is easy to adjust to a wide range of spacing options depending on desired heat output. The STRATA_HEAT Wire has the innovative STRATA_HEAT Spacing Strips that allows for quick and easy installation. The Laticrete Floor Heat Wire cable can be use in both residential and commercial applications and is offered in 120V and 240V current options. Laticrete stands behind the quality and durability of the Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wire with the Laticrete Lifetime System Warranty (conditions and limitations apply).

  • Spliceless Design – Single diameter
  • Burying the Cold lead has been removed from the installation process
  • Use under multiple types of finished floor coverings.
  • Provides multiple wire spacing options allow for variability in heat output.
  • Innovative STRATA_HEAT Wire Spacing Strips allows for quick installation and layout flexibility.
  • Ideal for irregular floor plan configurations.
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Available for 120V and 240V current.
  • Eligible for LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty (see LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty details).
  • UL Approved


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