Hydra Tile Grout Sponge

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Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is The trusted brand for removing excess grout! 

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Item No.: TXL-MB

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($1.77 each)

Item No.: TXL-C

attribute_pa_size: extra-large-7-14-x-5-18-x-2-14-72-piece-case-2-03-each

($2.03 each)

Item No.: TL-MB

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($1.31 each)

Item No.: TL-C

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($1.54 each)

Item No.: TM-MB

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($1.29 each)

Item No.: TM-C

attribute_pa_size: medium-6-x-4-x-2-72-piece-case-1-54-each

($1.54 each)

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The Hydra Tile Grout sponge is the very best polyester tile grout sponge on the market. This grout sponge goes through an extra manufacturing process called hydrophilization that gives it a tremendous water-holding capacity. The Hydra Tile Grout sponge works as well as natural sponges but at considerably lower costs. The Hydra grout sponge will wash out clean, dry soft and pliable, and are uniform in size and quality.



  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is excellent for removing excess grout
  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge leaves no sediment
  • Denser and more durable than similar imported sponges.
  • Hydrophilic polyester sponge with tremendous water-holding capacity
  • Rounded edges to prevent “digging out” or marring of grout.
  • Rinses clean, dries soft and maintains uniform size and quality
  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is less expensive than natural sponges
  • Long lasting when compared to other polyester sponges
  • Available in Medium/Large/Extra Large sizes
  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is Made in the USA

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    5 out of 5


    Sponges work very well, are durable, and a great value.

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