Hydra Tile Grout Sponge

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Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is The trusted brand for removing excess grout! 

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We at Tile Pro Depot take pride in bringing you a very high quality Hydra tile grout sponge. The Hydra Tile Grout sponge is the very best polyester tile grout sponge on the market. This grout sponge goes through an extra manufacturing process called hydrophilization that gives it a tremendous water-holding capacity. The Hydra Tile Grout sponge works as well as natural sponges but at considerably lower costs. The Hydra tile grout sponge will wash out clean, dry soft and pliable, and are uniform in size and quality.

The Hydra tile grout sponge is a proud, home-grown brand made in the United States of America. It is of much denser consistency than other imported varieties available in the market. It is also cheaper than most other brands. It also lasts much longer. It is sold both in cases and also in mini-bale quantities. It leaves no sediment due to its neat cleaning action. The edges of these sponges have been designed to have a rounded shape instead of a sharp edge. This prevents the marring of grout.

It is very important to fill the space between adjacent tiles with a grout mortar. This prevents water, dust and dirt from getting into the gap, and also helps to hold all the tiles in their position. The grout mortar needs to be made in such a way that there is no powder, and there is uniform consistency. After the mix has been made, it must be left alone for some time in order to ‘slake’. Those extra ten minutes ensure that the chemical reactions are completed fully, and the grout mortar gets its desired strength.

Usually the surrounding walls or surfaces have been already painted before the tiling is being done, need to be taped off to prevent stains. Also, one of the common tools used for scraping off the extra grout is a margin trowel, and a grout spongeis used with it. The workmen making the grout mortar use it for mixing the mortar and also for scraping out the joints and taking away excess grout. Slightly more complex tools that are commonly used are the carbide-grid blades of a reciprocating saw or an oscillating tool, but usually the most common are a trowel or a tile grout sponge.

Another very useful tool used for taking out extra grout mortar from the tile joints is a grout sponge. Once the grout mortar has been applied, and the trowels and floats have been used to squeeze the grout fully into the tile joints, the damp tile grout sponge needs to be moved in sweeping diagonal motions across the tiled surface to soak / wipe out the excess mortar. This process of using the grout sponge must begin only after the grout has begun to harden. In order to do its job well, the tile grout sponge used must be water absorbent/attracting (hydrophilic) sponge. Initially, the sponge will become all soiled after every diagonal run. It needs to be rinsed and washed after every run.


  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is excellent for removing excess grout
  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge leaves no sediment
  • Denser and more durable than similar imported sponges.
  • Hydrophilic polyester sponge with tremendous water-holding capacity
  • Rounded edges to prevent “digging out” or marring of grout.
  • Rinses clean, dries soft and maintains uniform size and quality
  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is less expensive than natural sponges
  • Long lasting when compared to other polyester sponges
  • Available in Medium/Large/Extra Large sizes
  • Hydra Tile Grout Sponge is Made in the USA

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