Laticrete 255 MULTIMAX Multipurpose Thinset Mortar

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NEW! The Ultimate combination of being light weight and providing maximum strength! Ideal for large thin tiles or heavy tile installed on wall application!

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Laticrete 255 MULTIMAX™^ Multipurpose Thinset Mortar is a patented, versatile polymer modified multipurpose thin-set mortar that is reinforced with Kevlar®^ for unmatched non-sag performance and adjust ability of large format tile and stone on walls. This multipurpose thin set mortar can be built up to 3/4″ (19 mm) without shrinkage on floors, without any slump, sag or lippage. With an incredibly lightweight consistency, this thin set mortar allows for easy troweling onto the substrate with minimal effort. A 40 lb (18.2 kg) bag of 255 MULTIMAX thin set mortar provides the same coverage as a 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of standard thin set mortar. Mixes with water for maximum strength and performance.


Laticrete has a range of multipurpose thinset mortars that are especially versatile polymer modified products ranging from 252 to 255. These thinsets are excellent choices for various reasons. The 255 is an especially promising pick where performance and strength are considered.

The Laticrete 255 Multimax thinset has the highest buildup of up to 18mm which is ¾”. The mortar has a perfectly smooth and creamy viscosity which allows for maximum coverage. It can be spread out easily on a surface and leveled with simple masonry tools. The mortar also has no shrinkage on floors.

The mortar is created with a revolutionary formula from Laticrete that makes it both workable and high-performing. On medium bed, it delivers optimum performance. The product is also environment-friendly, a label that cannot be added to many products of its kind. Laticrete has formulated it with 10% recycled content of post-consumer kind. That makes it generally eco-friendly.

The Laticrete Multipurpose thinset mortar was tested for the ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test. The rating it received was outstanding. The thinset received an “Extra Heavy Service” marking. It is one of the most lightweight mortars out there in the market. With easy troweling consistency and great durability, the mortar demands minimum effort of application.  

Advantages of the Laticrete Multipurpose Thinset Mortar

The Laticrete 255 Multimax mortar has a line of features which sets it apart from other products of its kind. Below are its top advantages:

  • The Laticrete Multimax is one of those Laticrete products that comes under its umbrella.
  • The formula of Laticrete Multimax is strengthened with Kevlar, a patented technology of Laticrete. That makes the product high on strength, durability and performance.
  • The product is fully anti-sag, which means it can sit on walls without showing any signs of dripping. Even when installing stone and heavy tiles, the products sticks firmly.
  • Formulated with Microban, the mortar inhibits fungal growth on walls and floors. Its antimicrobial protection shields indoors and outdoors from mold and such fungal growths, even after prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • The Laticrete Multipurpose Thinset Mortar is a product of high coverage. Any day, irrespective of the substrate, it offers 15% greater coverage than any traditional thin-set mortars in the market.
  • This mortar is very smooth which makes it especially easy to apply and extremely light, a feature that prevents sagging. It is easy to trowel like all thinset mortars in Laticrete’s product line.
  • The Laticrete multipurpose mortar has an especially high performance on medium bed. It delivers without any shrinkage.


Another feature which makes Laticrete 255 thinset a mortar of distinction is that it mixes easily with water. It absorbs water smoothly and rapidly leaving the hardened surface strong and durable.

  • Revolutionary patented formula combines excellent workability with optimum medium bed performance.
  • Inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.
  • Reinforced with Kevlar for maximum strength and performance.
  • Incredible non-sag performance, even with heavy tile.
  • Laticrete Multipurpose Thinset Mortar has High coverage—15% more than conventional thin-sets.
  • Laticrete Multipurpose Thinset is Lightweight mortar—very smooth and easy to trowel.
  • Laticrete Multipurpose Thinset Mortar contains >10% post-consumer recycled content
  • Excellent medium bed performance, 3/4″ (19 mm) thick without shrinkage.
  • Achieved Extra Heavy Service rating (ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test).

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