MLT Lippage System – Bases


Eliminate tile lippage and save with the MLT reusable cap and strap system!

Eliminate tile lippage and save with the MLT reusable cap and strap system!

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Item No.: MLTSTONE1000

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Item No.: MLTSTONE250

attribute_pa_size: mlt-base-stone-250-pc-bag

Item No.: MLTTHIN500

attribute_pa_size: mlt-base-thin-tile-500-pc-bag

Item No.: MLTTHIN250

attribute_pa_size: mlt-base-thin-tile-250-pc-bag

Item No.: MLTSTONE500

attribute_pa_size: mlt-base-stone-500-pc-bag

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MLT Systems introduces the industry’s latest technology in mechanical lippage tuning. Consisting of three major components (reusable cap, reusable strap and bottom plate), the MLT Mechanical Lippage Tuning system achieves the least amount of waste possible. With three different bottom plates designed for porcelain, thin tile and stone slab (up to 2cm), in addition to cap accessories, MLT components can be tailored to each specific jobs. The MLT Starter Kit for thin tiles (includes Caps, Straps, Thin Tile Bases, Rubber Feet; Ergonomic gun)

  • Prevents tile lippage
  • Reusable caps and strap components reduces expense;
  • Steel tongue inserts available to extend cap life
  • Caps can be removed during installation for joint cleaning and tile adjustment
  • No need to pre-soak bottom plates
  • Rubber feet available to prevent scratching polished material; MUST be used for thin tile
  • Three unique bottom plates available for porcelain, thin tile, and stone slab (up to 2cm thick)
  • Bottom plates allow for maximum thinset coverage without hollow spots
  • Ergonomic gun available for ease of installation


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