RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter


Italian-made, European cutting technology for a domestic price!

1 cutter / pack (Cutter available in 22’, 26”, 31”, 35”, 52” sizes)

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Item No.: TC22PRO

attribute_pa_size: 22-tile-cutter-15-diagonal-cut

Item No.: TC26PRO

attribute_pa_size: 26-tile-cutter-18-diagonal-cut

Item No.: TC31PRO

attribute_pa_size: 31-tile-cutter-22-diagonal-cut

Item No.: TC35PRO

attribute_pa_size: 35-tile-cutter-25-diagonal-cut

Item No.: TC52PRO

attribute_pa_size: 52-tile-cutter-35-diagonal-cut

Item No.: TCBAG

attribute_pa_size: razor-pro-carrying-bag-up-to-35

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The RTC Razor Pro Single Bar Push Cutters combines multiple elements of European technology including a unique cutting head with 11 internal ball bearings for a smooth precise movement across the rail; a rear mounted scoring wheel for improved vision of the score line all the way through the cut; and a cantilever breaking design that allows greater force to be applied with less effort reducing material damage when engaging. The RTC Razor Pro Single Bar Push Cutters features a 22mm scoring wheel that works well on a variety of surfaces including textured tile, spring loaded tables to reduce impact, fold-out support arms on each side for large and heavy material.

  • Single bar design for accuracy and strength
  • Cutting head houses 11 ball bearings for smooth, precise movement
  • 22mm scoring wheel works well on variety of surfaces including textured tile
  • Cantilever breaking system makes snapping tile easy
  • Spring loaded tables reduce impact
  • Fold out, side support arms to easily handle large and heavy tiles
  • Convenient carrying bag with shoulder strap available


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