RTC Smart Float Kit


Save Over 50% Off Your Grout Float Expenses! Just Replace the Pad!

1 unit /pack (includes handle & 3 float pads: Soft, Medium, Hard)

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attribute_pa_size: rtc-4-piece-smart-float-kit-handle-3-pads-9-5-x-3-5-x-3-hard-medium-soft

Item No.: GFSFH

attribute_pa_size: smart-float-replacement-handle

Item No.: GFSFP

attribute_pa_size: smart-float-replacement-pad-hard-red

Item No.: GFSFPG

attribute_pa_size: smart-float-replacement-pad-medium-grey

Item No.: GFSFPW

attribute_pa_size: smart-float-replacement-pad-soft-white

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The Italian-made RTC Smart Float System was designed to give the professional tile contractor the option to replace the rubber float pad when worn and keep the handle thereby saving the cost of replacing the entire float. The float pad stays firmly in place during use then easily peels off to replace. RTC offers a selection of 3 different pad densities (soft, medium, hard) to cover most grouting situations. The RTC Smart Float System works well with the RTC Rockin Roller Grout Bucket

  • Reduces float expenses
  • Reusable handle; replaceable float pads
  • Float pads available in three different densities
  • Sharp crisp float edges
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Replaceable float pads are easy to clean
  • Available with the RTC Rockin Roller Grout Bucket in the RTC Rockin Roller Total Grout Kit


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