RTC Ultimate T Leave-In Spacers


The Ultimate Leave-In Spacer perfect for large format tile installations!

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The RTC square corners leave-in spacer features a rigid plastic construction that do not compress ensuring uniform joint spacing particularly when installing large format tile. The square design with longer arms allows for better handling in most applications. The voids in the spacer body are filled with grout thereby ensuring adequate bonding. The RTC Ultimate Leave-In Spacer can be stacked to accommodate thicker tile and are color coded to easily identify spacer size which ranges from 1/16” to ¼”.

  • Solid plastic construction holds tile in place and prevents spacer compression
  • Hollow design allows for adequate grout and thinset bonding
  • Longer arms support tile better and makes handling easier
  • Stack and snap spacers together to accommodate thicker tile
  • Conveniently packed in EZ Grips containers
  • Available in multiple sizes and both “T” and “Cross” shapes


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